Digital Heaven – It’s Friday, close the work apps, and start to play!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love
Yeah, Robert Smith knows our feelings, and Friday is the best day to delve into our favorite games; this means that we can discover dozens of unmissable digital games for PC (and Nintendo Switch) at a very unbeatable price!
Download them instantly on your computer; finally, the Digital Heaven gates are finally open, this is why we really love Fridays!
Have a happy weekend all!

A classic masterpiece for the new generation!

For those who grew up with the Super Famicom; I am Setsuna harkens us back to the days when some of the best JRPGs video gaming has ever offered!
This old-school RPG masterpiece is an homage to pure fantasy; allowing us to immerse ourselves in a fantastic adventure beyond imagination. The emotional impact is strong in this game, thanks to its storytelling prowess the developers of Tokyo RPG Factory created a very beautiful yet heavy dramatic JRPG.
It’s time for us to enjoy this new tale from the Land of Snow!

Four knights for all seasons!

Everyone knows Death, War, Strife, and Fury, but very few people know their origins; now we can learn how all is started with Darksiders Genesis!
Set some centuries before the three main adventures; in this chapter, you will experience how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse got their immense powers, and the price they had to pay. Wander in an overwhelming open multiverse built by Eden, Earth & Hell, and experience a mythical hack ‘n slash adventure in which you’ll come to know many forbidden secrets about the Council.
Mount your horse to gallop towards new hellish challenges!

Vice City Mogul!

Yuppies, punks, skaters, neo-romantics, and wannabe kingpins… meet all of them in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!
Faithfully recreating the golden 80s, the fourth installment of GTA, is a lovely tribute to an era of big social and cultural changes, and to great music as well. Walk freely around this vast city; visit shops, cinemas, photo booths, and huge mansions. Rise your influence in the city, and turn yourself into the big boss; with its incredible attention to detail, the mixture of stealth and action, this game is still a must-have title for all the fans of the greatest, and very well told stories!

Start your engines!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the largest and most diverse motorsports event in the world: Team Sonic Racing!
In this actual festival of speed; you can admire some of the greatest competition vehicles driven by legendary piloting superstars. In this unique event, you’ll witness the cream of racing action; five fierce teams will race side-by-side on a plethora of different circuits that will lead all of them from one country to another. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and all the other renowned superstars from Sonic the Hedgehog series are ready to start; the chequered flag is about to be waved, and the engine horses are hopping around, who’ll be the winner? YOU!

Creativity counts!

With Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, we enter a game where the world is as infinite as our imagination!
Thanks to its huge library of flora, fauna, and biomes – all represented in the retro-pixelled 3D art style – we can create our own original land. In addition, we can also create your personal Mushroom Kingdom using the tons of Super Mario themed skins, textures, puzzles, and melodies that are only waiting to be used 😉

Enter the opulent Digital Heaven now!
You can experience magnificent adventures in amazing places lovely packed with reinvention, rebirth, second chances, new identities, and romance. This is a place where developers, artists, writers, and musicians from all around the world worked hard to let you say: “Wow, this is a real Gaming Wonderland”!!!


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