Altdeus: Beyond Chronos for PSVR – We have a world to protect!

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Mecha VR Adventure

There is a thin but important difference between the concepts of “robot” and “mecha”. Despite being part of the same family, a robot is a semi-sentient machine equipped with basic AI that allows it to move independently and performing complex actions; a mecha, instead, are futuristic battle vehicles equipped with a vast range of weapons that can’t work without human actions…

This thing moves!

As a mechanized extension of the pilot’s body; we may find the origin of this idea by re-discovering ancient tales and legends of semi-autonomous huge mechanisms that recall human or animal shapes. For example, in Iliad, we can read how Hephæstus, the Greek god of the mechanical arts, built an army of golden handmaids that could assist him during the work. Or how Daedalus built Talos, a huge bronze mechanical warrior that defended the shores of Crete from any attack (if you’ve watched the 1963’s movie Jason and the Argonauts, you know what we’re referring to). Despite these myths; there is a specific country that since the 17th century exploited the robotic world in many different ways, obviously it is Japan.

Leaving aside the factory robots that since the early 70s have contributed enormously to the wealth of the country; also from a pop-cultural view the closeness between machines and humankind increased during the last decades due to anime, manga, model-kits, and – last but not least – videogame industries. While in NieR: Automata, we can clearly see how androids have made humanity obsolete; in mechoperas like Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Macross, these highly advanced mechas have saved our galaxy thousands of times thanks to the synergy of technology and human creativity.
Obviously, this relationship between us and them (or better us & the artificial extension of us) continues nowadays, and we are soooo happy that mechawesome VR adventure Altdeus: Beyond Chronos will arrive tomorrow on PSVR!

Dare to win!

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos for PSVR catapult us 259 years in the future, in the year 2280!
The evil alien race known as Meteoras has invaded our planet annihilating the majority of humans; the few survivors now live underground, inside the 2km radius city Augmented Tokyo. Only a brave, skilled bunch of heroes can change the situation; they are organization Prometheus. Led by Chloe, they use massively armed sidereal mechas to put an end to this intergalactic threat.

Immersive like few titles are; in this hyperfast VR game we’re from the start in the eye of the storm. If you’re a heart-fainted pilot you’ll never accomplish the mission, this is why in Altdeus: Beyond Chronos for PSVR skilled and cold-blood people are required. Test deeply all the skills and the abilities and you’ll soon discover that the power to win is in your hands. This is an actual mecca of mecha. The world is ripe with strife, march to war with this wonderful mobile suit; but don’t forget that the success depends upon our creative thinking techniques, piloting abilities, and aim. It’s time to become an ace!

Featuring a great story with dozens of twists, turns, and decisions to take; Altdeus: Beyond Chronos for PSVR provide to all of us a brand new type of action. Enter the cockpit of these mechanical battle exoskeletons digitally or physically; enjoy one of the most intense gameplay experiences of this year. Facing a huge array of different situations set in different environments; welcome to the post-modern age of machines!


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