Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami for NS – Check-In any time!

Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Horror Action Adventure

Hollywood Tower Hotel, Bates Motel, Overlook Hotel… on par with houses, also hotels are receptacles of many urban legends. Being at the same time an unknown and intimate space; in these temporary homes everything can happen, and following the old saying “What happens in the hotel, stays in the hotel” hundreds of horror authors set their stories in these buildings. Even a genius like David Cronenberg is not immune to the hotel’s fascination; in fact, once he declared that “A hotel is like a labyrinth of secret history. There is something delicious about the idea that a sordid moment from that history might resurface in the present, perhaps literally in the case of a supernatural story”.

Horror is so funny!

As a sort of metaphorical theater, in a hotel live together hundreds (sometimes thousands) of complete strangers, and everyone has a story to tell. Anyway before delve into their dark corridors, a brief introduction about the horror genre is needed; horror belongs to something that arouses fear, anxiety, and apprehension. The origin of this term comes from the Latin word “horrere” which meaning is nothing but feel a shiver of fear. Present in our subconscious since our birth; horror is a subjective idea that changes from person to person based on his/her experiences & characters. Well-made horror books, movies, and video games can inspire involuntary physical responses; we had them playing with Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, and Alien: Isolation!

As actual masterpieces of the so-called art-horror games; all these titles contain incredibly scary moments that made them absolutely must-play treasures. Developed to cause more than one rush of adrenaline; the horror genre’s main intent is to terrify the audience. Equipped with dozens of shocking scenes that make us terrified of what we have experienced on the screen; all these games provide us deeply emotional reactions that will not vanish easily once the console is turned off… Due to its particular allure; we are glued to the screen like a supernatural force didn’t want us to leave… in case you’re hungry for a new game where suspense, mystery, shock, and terror are predominant; well… you shouldn’t miss trying Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami for Nintendo Switch!

Be our guest, our command is your request!

Starring the popular YouTubers Mio Ikoma, Nana Sakurai & Azusa Shiraishi who periodically upload their videos about the most haunted places of Japan on Nana Channel; in Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami for NS we have the unique opportunity to join them for the most thrilling experience of the year.
So, folks welcome to the happy Hotel Izanami!
This old-fashioned facility is popular throughout the whole country; located near a beautiful town famous for its culture, friendly people, and great food, it is a great place to stay. Enjoy its picturesque neighborhoods, and walk along its peculiar alleys to discover classy restaurants, vibrant music clubs, and relaxing parks.

But are you sure that get out of the hotel is so easy!? Frankly speaking, we will have the answer only once we checked in. With Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami for NS we live directly a frightening story, dedicated to those courageous few who do not stay away from true terror…
Screams, noises, glowing eyes, and mysterious mascots chase us; we are prepared to witness unspeakable horror and terrifying scenes which will not let you sleep peacefully for several nights.

Please note that all the tourists will stay at their own risk. Playasia is not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises. Thanks to its memorable atmosphere, Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami for NS is the best place to visit. Come, and you’ll have one heck of a wonderful digital stay!


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