PlayStation unmissable Golden Week Sale – Get the gems!

Today the Golden Week officially starts, and with it also Sony kicked off to the unmissable Golden Week Sale; get ready to discover dozens of big titles at a very little price!
Whatever your favorite genre is, here you can find the best for you; [mech]awesome action, thrilling sport, enchanting JRPG, and much more are ready to catapult you into formidable & unparalleled adventures…
Rev your thumbs… and enjoy this unique Golden Week digital sale!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON – 35% OFF

Forget all about politics, intrigues, or strategies… Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON is focused on huge rifles, laser swords, and iron muscles!
Directly from the Japanese arcades, the new chapter of the galaxy beloved Gundam Extreme VS. series comes with more than 180 iconic mechs, dozens of game-original missions, and an art style that does justice to the work of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Win the battles to acquire new Mobile Suits & develop your skills for domination.
Feel the adrenaline pumping through the veins, clash swords with other Gundam pilots from around the world, and get ready for the battle of the decade!

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers – 20% OFF

Especially in case of an alien invasion, humans become brothers… so cooperate with other individuals to protect our planet with Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. All we need to do is to grab and joypad and follow these 10 golden rules that could help to keep everyone alive, and protect our loved ones:

#1 – Search and destroy the mothership!
#2 – Take what you need to fight them!
#3 – Think of a strategy before the attack!
#4 – Find military help!
#5 – Hide your movements or at least make them less noticeable!
#6 – Don’t go near any spaceships or crash sites!
#7 – Wear a respirator!
#8 – Arm yourself with powerful weapons!
#9 – Try to establish a contact (at the very beginning)!
#10 – If any of the above rules work…RUN!!!

In any case, keep in mind that a relentless attack is a key to winning; so get the hands ready for the trigger and shoot… join the powerful EDF Squad, and charge into battle!

Attack on Titan 2 – 30% OFF

Kill giant beings with style with Attack on Titan 2!
Travel inside and outside the massive walls, fight together with your comrades giving them instructions to perform the best strategy. Boost up the relationships between the team with the day-to-day social feature. Know better your companions and discover the reasons they joined the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad. Full of gorgeously addictive battles, an unforgettable gripping story, and a plethora of charismatic characters, enter a crashed-down world in which the people are continually challenged to decide what is right.
Devote your heart to destroy every Titan that’s on this earth!

Densha de GO!! Hashirō Yamanote-sen! – 20% OFF

Mamonaku ichiban sen ni, densha ga mairimasu. Abunai desu kara kiiroi sen made osagari kudasai!
If you visited Japan you’ll surely remember this message. It means that soon the train will arrive at the platform. Get ready to run the important Yamanote Line trains with Densha de GO!! Hashirō Yamanote-sen!
Take a ride on the most used train line in Tokyo, and explore the city as never before; including all the 30 stations, you’re the conductor, and you’re free to travel in either direction. All are faithfully recreated to provide the most realistic, detailed, and immersive experience ever; take note of the direction of doors opening and closing, make announcements, and then take note not to exceed the speed limit, finally stopping the train at the right spot. To become a good driver, there are many small steps to follow.
Gojosha arigatō gozaimasu!

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions – 35% OFF

Build your dream team, and score one more goal with Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. Featuring the original high-speed arcade football action gameplay mechanics, and the extremely faithful anime-style aesthetic; feel the authentic atmosphere of the world’s most beautiful game… Recreating all the matches you’ve seen on paper & TV (yes including the unforgettable special shoots); get into the locker room with Tsubasa, Kojiro, Genzo, and all the other superstars to cheer up the team, and leading it to the victory.
Feel the positive vibes of your supporters… the excitement never stops!

Cool uh!? Many other games await you; exploit our Instant Digital Cards at their max, and discover why discounts are a gamer’s best friend!


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