Guilty Gear Strive Story Trailer Reveals Addition of Aria and More!

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Guilty Gear Strive

PS4™ & PS5™ – US, EU, JAPAN & ASIA

Now that the second beta for Guilty Gear Strive is over, it’s time for the players to warm up their fighting skills and wait for the game’s launch in June. But, before diving into the full game, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works make sure that everyone remains in the hype train. With that, an almost 3-minute story trailer for the game has been revealed.

The video gives players context on how the narrative will unfold and how the roles of each character will contribute to the game’s story. Also, various additional characters were revealed, such as Aria Hale and Colin Vernon. But it seems like the entire narrative teases a conclusion to Sol Badguy’s storyline.

And yes, the trailer itself contains potential story spoilers, so if you want to avoid it, you might want to skip watching.

Game Overview

Guilty Gear: Strive is the latest entry in the critically acclaimed Guilty Gear fighting game franchise. Created by Daisuke Ishiwatari and developed by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear: Strive upholds the series’ reputation for groundbreaking hybrid 2D / 3D cel-shaded graphics and intense, rewarding gameplay.

There is a fully voiced story mode diving deep into the Guilty Gear universe, new characters joining fan favorites, and robust rollback net code. Gematsu

Guilty Gear -Strive-, Guilty Gear: Strive, Guilty Gear, PS4, PS5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, US, North America, Launch Edition, Arc System Works, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, Guilty Gear Strive


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Hence, here below are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • The thrill of the fight – Sophisticated game mechanics designed to bring out the mind games we know fighting games for, including the audacious new wall-break mechanic. The drama heats up as you and your opponent clash!
  • The most immersive yet – Stunning visuals such as vivid effects and character expressions bring the game to life. We’ve sought to bring you the best, down to the sound and even moments in between the action. You can experience the GG series’ satisfying play feel taken to a whole new level
  • Viewers can now feel the intensity of the battle – With zoom-ins and slow motion camera effects, impressive text visuals and top-notch animation quality, Guilty Gear -Strive- is filled to the brim with visual elements to make the show even more exciting, not only for you but also for those who watch it



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