Aragami 2 Now Available For Pre-order!

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Aragami 2

PS4™, PS5™, XONE™ & XSX™  – North America

  • Aragami 2 is the sequel to the action-adventure stealth video game Aragami.
  • This third-person stealth game allows players to take the role of an assassin who can control the shadows.
  • Pre-order is now open here at Playasia.


Lince Works has confirmed the arrival of the sequel of the 2016 released action-adventure stealth game Aragami. According to the developer, the Aragami 2 will launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC platforms this September.

Take the role of Aragami once again, an assassin with supernatural abilities. In addition, the developer also shared a few details regarding the three-player co-op system. 

When we tried with the three-player option, we immediately felt that we had found that sweet spot between feeling like being part of a clan or squad while maintaining the feeling of stealthiness and being outnumbered by the enemy. 

The chance to play as a three-ninja squad opens up a wide arrangement of possibilities and versatility. You can have one player acting as a scout from an elevated spot marking nearby enemies, another taking down them from the ground, and the other stealing an item you need to complete the mission. – PlayStation Blog

Well, the three-player co-op sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Thanks, Wikipedia & PlayStation Blog!

Game Overview

You are one of the last elite warriors of your kin, the Aragami. Victims of a supernatural affliction which corrodes the body and devours the mind, the Aragami control Shadow Essence – a mystical power that grants the ability to control the shadows. With this power the Aragami carry out their tasks and quests – assignments made all along the valley to ensure the subsistence of the village and to free the Aragami enslaved by the invader armies. Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth game where you play as an assassin with the power to control the shadows. Join the shadow clan and fight the invader armies to protect your people. – Lince Works

Aragami 2, Aragami II, Aragami, pre-order, gameplay, features, price, Lince Works, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, US, North America, trailer

So, what are you waiting for? Control the shadows and protect the village, pre-order Aragami 2 now!


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

Hence, here below are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots.



  • PLAY IN SINGLE MODE OR IN CO-OP WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Discover a full campaign and join the assassin squad up to 3 players in co-op
  • ENGAGE IN FAST-PACED STEALTH ACTIONS – Manage covers and powers with agility. Takedown your enemies with stealth kills and non-lethal takedowns
  • ENTER INTO COMBAT AS A TACTICAL DECISION – Become the master of skill-based combat with high risk and high reward
  • BUILD YOUR OWN SHADOW ASSASSIN – Craft your weapons and armors and upgrade your elite warrior with three skill trees of 42 abilities and shadow powers
  • PROTECT THE RASHOMON VALLEY – Save your people and defeat the curse before it ends with you and discover how the Aragami became a legend



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