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If like us also you are falling in love with indie games; you will be happy to know that dozens of titles for PS4 are insanely discounted. Covering a large number of genres and styles; all of them are unmissable masterpieces developed from gamers to gamers with a huge amount of love!
R U ready to play with the most interesting titles of the whole indie scene? Thanks to the PlayStation Indies campaign, you’ll not only grab loads of them until you fill the hard drive up, but also help the small development studios to develop and release new, and innovative games in the future!
Stay tuned, tons of independent games are only waiting for you!

VA-11 Hall-A – 33% OFF

Dear guest, welcome to the one and only VA-11 Hall-A club!
In VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action you can find all types of living beings: humans, robots, cyborgs, and even aliens. Everyone who gets through its doors can relax, chat, and not least drink the best cocktails of the whole city, and an ultra-fast Wireless LAN. Providing a great story worthy of the best of William Gibson’s novels; in this unconventional adventure you’ll be called hard to serve the best drinks in town, the harder you’ll work, and the more customers will walk through the entrance door.

Listen to their stories and provide them valuable advice to solve intricated situations. In change, they will tell you new info about the latest rumors in town to use them to your advantage.
Mix unconventional ingredients to create even new beverages to serve; at VA-11 Hall-A club the seats are plush, the lighting is low, and the cocktails are something exceptional. Let feel old and new customers welcome preparing exquisite beverages, original small dishes, all seasoned with nostalgic Retro-Cyber delights!

Celeste – 40% OFF

The Celeste Mountain is one of the tallest and most cursed mountains worldwide…
Many demons live in its recesses, and the fearless young girl Madeline is very determined to reach its top. As she ascends the mountain, the original inhabitants will try to kill her, but with your aid, she could survive and accomplish her duty. Watch your step, because on the road you’ll find hundreds of breakable platforms made of softwood and many other obstacles that can let fall you without hesitation.

The higher you climb and more secrets you unveil, indeed inside the Celeste Mountain, you’ll find a lot of caves and rooms carved in the stone that can be used as a safe shelter, and also find new items or long-forgotten treasures. Thanks to its simple and accessible controls, Madeline will be able to jump, dash, and climb to go deeper into this great adventure full of extremely challenging stages, brutal side quests, and a unique cast of bizarre characters, each one with its own story and reason to reach the top.
So, what are you waiting for? Take a long breathe and start an inner voyage with Celeste!

Dead or School – 60% OFF

Hisako is a young girl that grew in the dark Tokyo underground; one day she met an old lady from the surface that explained to her how to leave in the big city. One thing captured Hisako’s imagination like anything else: school!
It is taken for granted, that almost all the children attend it, someone successfully, and some not, but in very rare cases the concept of school is totally ignored like in this case. To discover more about it, Hisako decides to reach the top of her world, and witness what school is.

But she didn’t know that in the meanwhile Tokyo is facing the biggest pestilence of its history. Indeed, 13,929,286 people have been infected by a new plague, which turned the city into a zombie wasteland…with Dead or School, you must run’n’slash among hordes of walking [un]dead exploiting all the skills that only the hard life underground can teach you.
Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara, and Roppongi, no district is safe…but if the world is sick Hisako is the cure!

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – 50% OFF

These are the epic tales of Samurai Jack!
Based on the mythical cartoon created by Genndy Tartakovsky; Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an unmissable chanbara experience, epically enriched with time travels. In this game, you must help Samurai Jack to find Ashi. Wield his holy katana sword, with your help, he has all the needed skills to change the destiny of the whole planet, facing the powerful Aku’s minions who spread tyranny and fear among the people.
You can make a name for yourself in the chaos, you can walk the long hard way of the samurai without obstacles!

These are just some little examples of what you can find in the PlayStation Indies, obviously many other games are available at an insanely reduced price; check the whole catalog of the most stylish digital gaming event of the summer!


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