Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (English) Now Available For Pre-order!

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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (English)

Nintendo™ Switch – Japan & Asia

UPDATE 08/16/2021: The version with confirmed English Language Support as of now is the Asia Version. 

  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is coming to consoles and PC platforms this year. This is an enhanced version of the game with the same title that was released for Wii U in 2014.
  • The game’s Asia and Japan versions include English Language Support.
  • Pre-order is now available here at Playasia.


Survival horror video game Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is coming to modern game consoles this year! Yes, you read it right! In case you are not familiar, this game was initially launched for the Wii U in 2014.

According to Koei Tecmo, the game’s publisher for modern consoles, the game will include upgraded visuals that will make it even more horrifying. Fans will also enjoy the new Photo-Mode, allowing players to set up characters, create scenes, and adjust poses to snap a perfect spooky photo. Another additional feature is the selection of new costumes for the main protagonist to make every snap a good memory.

The versions that are now open for pre-order are the Asia and Japan versions for Switch which both come with English Language support. Stay tuned for the other versions of the game that will be open for pre-order as well here at Playasia.

Thanks, Nintendo & Koei Tecmo!

Game Overview

Return to Mount Hikami and Face Your Fears

Take a deep breath and ready your survival skills as you connect all the dots that intertwined to solve and unveil the stories of devastating deaths and disappearances in a forest with a strange and infamous history here in Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water.

Meet the three protagonists: Yuri Kozukata, Ren Hojo, and Miu Hinasaki. Take on the role of one of the three brave souls and use your ability to see the shadows of the spirits and the power of Camera Obscura, a camera that can damage ghosts and at the same time capture unimaginable things that are not visible by the naked eye.

Get ready to step into a spine-chilling adventure that will bring you to various terrifying locations such as an eerie inn, a shrine filled with life-size dolls, and a lake full of dead priestesses.

Explore Mount Hikami or also known as the mountain of death with newly remastered visuals, new costumes for each character, and brand-new photo mode features.

Are you ready to experience a different kind of horror here in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water?

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (English), Zero: Nurekarasu no Miko, Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water, Koei Tecmo, Nintendo Switch, Switch, release date, trailer, features, screenshots, pre-order now, Japan, Asia

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours now!


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

Hence, here below are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots.



  • Try to survive this bone-chilling entry in the FATAL FRAME series, now with upgraded visuals
  • Try on new costumes or take the photo mode for a spin to create your own original picture-perfect shots
  • Explore haunting locales such as an underground cave for disturbing sacrifices and a shrine for life-sized dolls
  • Use your Camera Obscura to defend yourself against horrifying ghosts that pursue you
  • As you traverse Mt. Hikami, beware of the incredibly dangerous water coursing throughout the mountain
  • Try to stay alive while investigating the ominous Mt. Hikami



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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Montufar De Leon says:

    Why can’t I pre9the ps4 version?

    • Fem says:

      Hello Jorge,

      The PS4 version is not yet available for pre-orders. Please wait for our official announcement for the PS4 pre-orders. Thanks.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  2. Joseph says:

    Is $69.99 a placeholder price or is that the final price?

    • Fem says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Yes. This is the final price. However, if there are any changes, we will perform you.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  3. Chris says:

    Hello, will the Japanese version have English subtitles? When I click on it there isn’t any indication of subtitles at all for the Japanese version as opposed to the east asia version.

    • Fem says:

      Hello Chris,

      For the Japanese version, only the Switch version has English subtitles.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

    • DisturbedDoll says:


      I don’t want to be offensive or disrespectful in any way but have to say that almost 70$ for an old – recycled game is A LOT of money.
      I did play few Fatal Frames years ago and l love them : (

      Just expressing my sadness as l was ultra happy when heard about Fatal Frame coming on Play Station as well, but the price is pretty insane : /

      Will rather buy then Ghost of Tsushima.. u get much more for your money although l really wanted to get my old good Fatal Frame. Disappointed.

  4. Rodrigo says:

    Hello, what is the deadline for pre-ordering this game?

    • Fem says:

      Hi Rodrigo,

      As of the moment, there’s no deadline.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  5. Mo says:

    Is there a difference between the PS4 and Switch version (Asia) ?
    The Switch version is named Fatal Frame while the PS4 version is named Project Zero which is the EU name. Or the covers will all be the same with the same title :on it ?
    Thanks !

  6. Simon says:

    Will the PS4 Asia version be named Fatal Frame? Or Project Zero like it’s currently showing on here?

  7. Red says:

    Hi there! For the Asia version of Fatal Frame 5, will there be a physical Deluxe Edition of the game? Thank you

    • Fem says:

      Hi Red,

      As of now, only the Standard edition is available. If we open a physical deluxe edition, we will update you via our blogs/social media.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  8. Simon says:

    I understand that it’s the same game, I still need an answer. Will it bear the same title? (FATAL FRAME) Please answer with the correct words to answer this specific question. Thanks.

    • Fem says:

      Hi Simon,

      For the PS4 version title, it will be Project Zero. Meanwhile, for the Switch version title, it will be Fatal Frame. That’s the difference.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  9. denise kappen says:

    I live in the United States and a United States Switch system and wondering if the Fatal Frame will work in my region?

    • Fem says:

      Hi Denise,

      If you buy the physical version, there’s no problem using AS physical version on your US system Switch.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  10. Brendan Mizon says:

    I take it this is the physical release

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