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The sun-filled, warm-breeze summer days enrich our lives with hundreds of funny activities. From taking a trip delayed for too long to reach new heights with a hot air balloon; this season is simply the best if you are hungry to try something new. You know that time flies when you’re having fun, and to make the beautiful season even better; from today you can take advantage of the unique discounts offered by the one and only Mid-Year Deals for PlayStation. Dozens of games insanely discounted (up to 80%)are now available until July 7th; don’t waste time, and definitely play them before the end of this summer!

Here below you’ll find some awesome gems; but, don’t worry many other titles are available to try something you’ve never tried before… with so endless adventures to take; all of them will become your treasured memories years from now… grab the joypad and start a new voyage to the ends of the gaming universe with this new unmissable campaign!

Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist – 50% OFF

Devour or be devoured…unleash your true power with Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist!
Be ready for a whole lot of bloodshed and cannibalism; the hit anime Tokyo Ghoul is undoubtedly one of the darkest anime ever released, and in this new gaming incarnation you must choose your side. Will you be a Ghoul or an Investigator, whatever your choice is; the command is only one: SURVIVE!
Providing an unstoppable burning action plus eye-popping anime-style graphics; this game is the most immersive & fearful Tokyo Ghoul’s experience ever!
Let’s fight to live one other day…

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Digital Deluxe Edition – 30% OFF

Sakuna-sama bless us and protect us!
Go back to the god age Japan with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Digital Deluxe Edition; in this title inspired to the old Japanese legends you impersonate the goddess of harvest Sakuna Hime; in order to save the whole Land of the Rising Sun from hordes of demons, you must get ready to set foot into the celestial territory of the Kami. Wield sacred agricultural tools, walk wonderfully wide lands, and relive a traditional Japan more gorgeous than ever before.
Including also the memorable digital soundtrack, 4 Exclusive PS4 themes, and 9 PSN avatars, this is truly an unforgettable adventure into the fantastical!

Capcom Belt Action Collection – 50% OFF

Get back to the golden era of arcade games with the Capcom Belt Action Collection!
This fully nostalgic retrospective includes nearly a decade of video game history to take you back to the days of crowded arcades, pockets full of change, and the excitement of holding bragging rights to the high score rankings. Enriched by real gaming treasures such as Final Fight, The King of Dragons, Captain Commando, and many others; this is like a journey into the past, that will let you relive the glory days of the arcades…
Great Scott; go platinum with this compilation thanks to which you can replay seven diamonds without filling your pockets with quarters…

KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez Premium Sound Edition – 40% OFF

Join Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider Double & Kamen Rider OOO to henshin your way with KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez Premium Sound Edition!
Set in Sector City, a place surrounded by mystery, our mission is to investigate the presence of a powerful warrior marked by the letter X. Who is him? This is the time to unveil this mystery for the sake of all humanity. Ride into the biggest battlefield ever seen in any other Kamen Rider’s game; wield your blades, guns, and your Kamen Rider’s special powers to keep the enemy hordes under control.

You can also race into Sector City with their bikes to save allies from total annihilation. This is surely the most authentic interactive Kamen Rider experience in many years, but to make it more and more faithful to the original TV shows; the unique Premium Sound Edition includes dozens of opening and ending songs & BGMs that allow us to choose our favorite epic theme for the fights!
Continue the Kamen Rider legacy, we are so happy to become one of the greatest superheroes ever appeared once again!

Many other digital games await to be added to your collection; the essential Mid-Year Deals will give us an unforgettable refreshment like any other else; feel the heat, and enjoy the rest of the summer without putting your nose out of the house!


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