PlayStation Store Summer Sale – We need to have a gamebath!

Aaaahhhh… Summer, the best season of the year… during these four months, you can slow down the pace, enjoying amazing starry nights with someone you love, and also turn your PlayStation 4 into the greatest adventure playground in town.

Yeah, with the PlayStation Store Summer Sale you can get dozens of digital jewels for insanely cheap prices (up to 80% off!); if you are looking for the perfect summer holiday activities, you’re in the right place. Here at Playasia, you can get all the instant digital cards you need to enjoy immediately a unique fun-filled summer break at a very reasonable price!!!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – 30% OFF

A hero isn’t the one who always wins. It is the one who always tries.
The sensationally friendly Miles Morales is here to swing into action with Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS5 & PS4!
Set into the one and only Spiderverse; in this new adventure, he must protect New York City from the attacks perpetrated by the Roxxon Energy Corporation and the Underground criminal syndicate. Even if it is a war just between them; all the citizens of NYC pay the high price. So, who else but Spider-Man can save the day!
Bolder, bigger & better; the new Spider-Man’s adventure recreates New York in such a faithful way; and you have the opportunity to visit it extensively, even if you live thousands of Miles from there. Rich with action, humor, and many memorable moments, there is only one word to describe it… EXCELSIOR!

One Piece World Seeker – 60% OFF

The search for the One Piece never stops with One Piece World Seeker!
Set on Jail Island, a remote location in the New World controlled by the Marines, this time Monkey D. Luffy will be able to wander around it freely to experience exciting battles and discover ultra-precious treasures. Even if it is not the best for the family holidays; this is the island you dreamed of when you were a child. Surrounded by white-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, colorful birds, and a sparkling lagoon, despite its name, Jail Island is a real paradise. But you should know that all that glitters is not gold; you’ll be forced to face dangerous pirates, extreme challenges, and the Navy officers.
Thanks to its original gameplay mechanics, in this game you can go and do everything you want. Beat up the opponents, meet epic wildlife, hunt for secret stashes of Bellys, and then sail along the seven seas in search of the One Piece!
Providing a new story, you can experience how the life of a pirate could be…Harrr!

Demon’s Souls – 29% OFF

Beautiful, compelling, unforgiving like very few other titles; Demon’s Souls, the progenitor of the epic Soulslike genre is back on PlayStation 5!
Get ready for the most hardcore RPG experience fully revamped from the roots; relive the legendary quest set beneath the Nexus, in there the Old One waiting for you… and your soul… Create your hero and search for a way to rid the land of its monsters, but bear in mind that many have ventured into this cursed world, and none has gotten out alive as of yet.
Are you ready?

Granblue Fantasy: Versus – 30% OFF

There is a world formed by hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes which float above a sea of clouds, but it has been forsaken by the Gods, due to this tragic event the fleet of the technologically advanced Erste Empire brought the war on this peaceful world. Only the help of an ancient, long-lost race able to master the powerful Summon Magic can stop the madness.
But this power is not for all, only the mightiest warriors from the realms of the Sky World can get it; discover who is the worthier one with Granblue Fantasy Versus. Developed by Arc System Works’ fighting game wizards; this 2.5D brawler+RPG game is one of the most awaited titles of the year.
Find your path to true strength, and rule over the whole Sky World!

Batman: Arkham VR – 75% OFF

Do you know what REALLY means to be the world’s greatest detective? Well, from tonight you’ll have this unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of Bruce Way…er Batman!
No parties, beautiful cars, or huge manors await you, but a long descent to the worst, most dangerous streets of Gotham City with Batman Arkham VR. The new action-adventure bat-VR game developed by those great guys of Rocksteady will bring you into the night when both Robin and Nightwing suddenly disappeared. You have few hours to unravel what happened; solving gruesome puzzles and fighting against the most famous bad guys of comics’ world such as Penguin and Joker, you’ll experience in first person the most tragic and personal case of the caped crusader. Luckily you can count on the advanced gadgets inside the bat-belt, using them cleverly with the precious aid of your extreme combat skills, and obviously, of Alfred.
Wear the PSVR visor, and don’t let Gotham City fall into darkness…

We know, everybody needs a little break from common daily activities, and with the fantastic deals of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale, you can get hundreds of GBs that will let you pass the summertime in the most exciting and immersive way possible.
Summer means happy times 🎮🏖️

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