Samurai Shodown Baiken From Guilty Gear Coming as a DLC Character

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Get ready, folks, as a new individual arrives on the roster. SNK has revealed that Baiken from the Guilty Gear series is coming as a DLC character for Samurai Shodown. Baiken DLC launches on August 19.

Here’s her description below via SNK. 

From faraway lands travels this vengeful warrior.

Along with her left eye and right arm, Baiken had lost everything when she was only a child. Now, shaped by that harrowing experience, she dedicates her life in tracking down the one responsible for everything—That Man. No land is too far, and no warrior is strong enough to stand in her way. With an unwavering blade and peerless sight, Baiken swears to track and cut down That Man.

Watch her trailer below. 

Thanks, Gematsu for the info! 

Game Overview

Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits is a fighting game developed and published by SNK for its Neo Geo arcade and platform. It was released in 1993. Since then, this fighting game is known for its premier weapon-based versus fighting games. Throughout the years, players from various periods on different home consoles have witnessed how great this fighting game franchise is which has been spanning more than 10 years. Now, Samurai Spirits returns to deliver some samurai action.

Where to Buy the Game?

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Enjoy the trailers, features, and screenshots for the game below.



  • Exhilarating Weapons-Based Combat – the SNK-developed Samurai Shodown carries on the legacy of the tense battles the series is known for, where players are always one strike away from death, and one powerful attack away from victory
  • Evolving the Presentation – Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, SNK is able to modernize the unique atmosphere and setting of past titles in a gorgeously artistic package that achieves a detail and graphical quality like never before
  • Unique Cast of Returning and New Warriors – the game welcomes back iconic characters from past iterations, including the swordsman Haohmaru, his rivals Ukyo and Genjuro, the shrine maiden Nakoruru, and fan-favorite Galford. The starting roster will include a total of 16 characters—13 veterans and three newcomers to the franchise
  • All-New Gameplay – Carrying on some of the key fighting mechanics that made the series popular, such as the Rage Gauge, Rage Explosion, Sword Clash and more, Samurai Spirits will also include several new techniques, including a powerful, one-time use attack from each character called the Super Special Move
  • Revolutionary New AI System – Titled Dojo Mode, SNK has developed a proprietary AI system that learns from player patterns and creates a specific Ghost clone from that data. With this system, players can fight against their own Ghost or take on the Ghosts of top players in mock battles

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