Back 4 Blood for PS5, PS4, XBXS, XBO – The dead never looked so alive!

Back 4 Blood

PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox™XΙS, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Survival FPAction

Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead… all of these masterpieces are focused on a specific type of monster; obviously, it’s Zombie!
While the origin can be found in the Haitian and Voodoo folklore; zombies started to become popular only in 1932 when Victor Halperin’s movie White Zombie was released. But it’s thanks to George Romero that this new kind of monster gained the status of pop-icon throughout all cultures and beliefs.

Steeped in sociology; in Night of the Living Dead, humans are the real monsters showing all their violence due to the breakdown of normality and all the societal norms. With their slow, plodding movements and their moans and growls; original zombies are like puppets who pursue humans relentlessly. But if we go a little deeper, we discover that they are a critic of the living ones and their way of life, especially if referring to the fears of contagion, mindless consumerism, and the threat of depersonalization.

Through the years many other zombies have been created for the joy of the fans out there; anyway, there’s a videogame series that gave us the opportunity to meet & greet many different types of them. Boomers, Tanks, Smokers, Hunters, and many others are without any doubt the main superstars of Left 4 Dead!
Released in 2008 for PC and Xbox 360, this cooperative survival horror game sees the players join their forces to eradicate hordes of infected humans who have been turned into zombies…

Wandering through a post-apocalyptic world; in both Left 4 Dead episodes, we can experience not only two great games, but also all the destructive potential of progress. Filled with dramatic tension; in this “us vs. them” series we must use everything at our disposal, including axes, chainsaws, frying pans, or baseball bats to do the most fatal harm to the monsters that charge our way. Now 12 years after the rise of the second episode; a new infection started to spread, and we must find new allies to stop it in Back 4 Blood!

Fight together… or die alone!

Set in the near future; Back 4 Blood for PS5, PS4, XBXS & XBO, sees a parasite of alien origin infect humans turning them into Riddens. These are nothing but new zombie species who wandering in search of fresh meat. To stop the plague, some brave living ones formed four people groups known as the Cleaners. They are immune to the parasite and possessing unique skills they cooperate to recover humankind (and the world too) from this threat. As the successor of Left 4 Dead, also in Back 4 Blood for PS5, PS4, XBXS & XBO we must cooperate with other gamers to accomplish the mission; just remember that our fates are strictly connected, and every choice you make could be the last one!

Featuring a vast arsenal of weapons that range from powerful assault rifles to little knives; we have the opportunity to upgrade the abilities of our character by exploiting the 61 active cards and combine them to create the best Cleaner ever. Divided into four categories (Reflex, Brawn, Discipline, Fortune) each of them can unlock different skills that will make the hunt even more exciting and…. Deadly (for the enemies, obviously).
Press start to understand what it means to be “human” in a dehumanizing process that plagues everyday life; connecting with others digitally or physically, we can resurrect the humanity of one another from the undead grasp, and prevent the next zombie apocalypse!

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