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Strawberry Nauts

PS4™ & Switch – JP

  • Strawberry Nauts is a Romance Visual Novel game that is set to launch on various platforms this January 2022!
  • A Limited Edition will also be available which includes the game, a tapestry, acrylic figures, and an original soundtrack
  • Pre-order is now available here at Playasia.


Entergram will release a Hooksoft-developed romance visual novel, Strawberry Nauts, for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch next year. Yes, you read it right! The game is set to launch this January 27, 2022, in Japan.

Thanks, Gematsu!

Game Overview

Seitarou starts his first year of high school by moving to the Goukoukan school away from home. Of course, he is to move to the dormitory so he is surprised when told that he will be staying in the girl’s dorm! To be precise he will be staying in an appendage of the dorm because the boy’s dorm is full. That day he meets with the other residents (who are of course, all girls), Asagiri and Aisa are his senpais, his childhood friend Itsuki, Houmi the school chairman’s daughter, the timid and petite Yao, the bright Touko, and the childish teacher Chiyori.

One year later all the members of the dorm are like a close-knit family, while everyone spends their time and energy doing what they love (be it club activities or student council duties) Haruto uses his now-famous cooking skills to make sure food is ready when they wake up in the morning and come back after school. With the addition of two first-year girls the clumsy Mikamo and the serious Suzume the new school year starts, who will Haruto end up with?

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Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

Here’s Strawberry Nauts Limited Edition:

Strawberry Nauts, Visual Novel, PS4, PlayStation 4, release date, trailer, screenshots, pre-order now, Japan

The Limited Edition Includes:

  • Game: Keiken Zero na Classmate
  • A B2-size tapestry featuring artwork by Mitsuki Motomiya
  • Acrylic figures of Suzume Rokkaku and Mikamo Aoto
  • Original soundtrack

Hence, here are the game’s trailer and screenshots for you to enjoy!




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