Digital Black Friday for PS5 & PS4 – Black goes great with everything!


Don’t fear the dark, as the legendary Japanese novelist Tanizaki Junichiro wrote: “Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty”, and we can only be agreed with him. But many other things make this condition so beautiful, just to name a few: gothic literature, dark music genres, and Black Friday!

Since 1952, this particular day opens officially the Christmas shopping season; started in the U.S.A. during the decades the Black Friday turned into a global phenomenon that transcends all the longitudes and latitudes. Obviously, this means entering a sparkling wonderland built by discounts, and what’s better to save money (up to 80%), and at the same time play some great games?

This is why on PlayStation Store you may find a lot of precious discounted gems worldwide, and if you combine them to discount will grow bigger and bigger, making black your favorite color. Opportunities like these happen only once a year; so, head to our Digital section, grab your shopping cart, and shop until you drop!

Diablo II: Resurrected – 25% OFF

Prime Evils always come back, equip the most powerful weapons at your disposal to defeat them once again in Diablo II: Resurrected!
Don’t miss to get an incredible dark gothic fantasy interactive opus world in which we as larger than life hero must travel across distant lands, fight powerful villains, uncover ancient mysteries, and (not least) grab many precious treasures. All for the sake of humanity to stop the Lords of Terror once for all (maybe…)
Take up arms once again to defend the mortal world from the claws of evil!

Deathloop – 50% OFF

You don’t need to get the Time Stone or be a Master of the Mystic Arts to manipulate the life-death cycle; now a joypad & a copy of Deathloop is enough!
Set on the island called Blackreef, in this first-person action game we can have an unforgettable experience through the eyes of Julianna & Colt; this couple of anti-heroes are catapulted in a hunt-or-be-hunted adventure that will leave many marks on their bodies and souls. Featuring a huge amount of madness, mayhem, carnage, and an ever-changing life cycle; this is without any doubt the most interesting title of the Q3.
Let yourself be soothed by the serenity of an actual “royal rumble” in its purest form; we’re sure that you’ll return to your everyday life profoundly changed…

Far Cry 6 – 30% OFF

Survive dictatorship with Far Cry 6!
Since the rigged election of Anton Castillo, many countries embraced him as a close ally and friend supporting his regime. Throughout the world, he has been described positively due to his adherence to democratic principles, but the reality is very different. Every day, many critics, simply disappear; so, for our future, WE people of Yara declare to start a war against him and his bloody regime!
From the low streets to the high palaces, we are here to abolish this Castillo family dictatorship; many of us will fall under the bullets of the national army, but only the bodies will be hit, not our ideas and our determination.
Now it’s time; let’s start our march for freedom!
[Yara Liberation Front]

Tales of Arise – 30% OFF

Challenge the Fate with Tales of Arise!
Set on two planets called Dahna & Rena, in this fabulous JRPG we can live a memorable story filled with courage, freedom, and revenge. Starring Alphen and Shionne, two adventurers who live on different planets, we have the unique opportunity to embark on a legendary adventure in which both of them must create a brand new future for their people!
With a deeply emotional story enriched by a cast of charismatic characters by our side; this game blurs the fine line between the present and the future as never before… Be part of the legend…

So, why wait? Don’t miss the ultra-special Black Friday campaign!
After chowing down your Thanksgiving turkey, sit back and relax with all of these discounted digital treasures; don’t miss to check our Instant Digital Cards section, to play them now!

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