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Cotton Fantasy

PS4™ & Switch – EUROPE

  • This is the Western release of Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll. 
  • It’s coming for the PS4 & Switch. 
  • Pre-order is now available here at Playasia! 


Western console users, it’s time to party! ININ Games will bring Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll to the Western regions as Cotton Fantasy. This shoot ’em up game launches for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Let’s wait for the physical version release date, folks, as patience is a virtue. So, are you ready to welcome Cotton and Silk to embark on their new journey soon?

Game Overview

Cotton Fantasy or Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll was first released in Japan for PS4 and Switch in December 2021. Meanwhile, the PC and Arcade versions of the game are to be followed for release between Winter 2021 to 2022. Now, it’s time for Western console users to experience this game!

This shoot ’em up game follows the traditional world of Cotton and Silk that is available in the Cotton game series. But that’s not all! Cotton and Silk also explore other Success games such as Sanvein‘s time system and Psyvariar‘s BUZZ system.

Here’s the official game description below from ININ Games

Cotton Fantasy is a brand-new entry in the Cotton series that sees Cotton and Silk embark on another adventure, this time in HD graphics and with modernised gameplay, but true to its roots!

Experience the most precise gameplay in the Cotton series, mixing up the iconic Cotton playstyle with a few new shoot ‘em up mechanics, 6 iconic playable characters and 16 colourful and varied stages to unlock, with vertical, horizontal and 3D movement. Each character has their own mechanics and attacks, creating a lot of variation and replayability on your hunt for the high score.

Packaged with a light-hearted story full of charming, fun cutscenes, fully-voiced in Japanese, and an exhilarating soundtrack with iconic remastered tracks from the past, this is a great and accessible new shoot ’em up game for fans of the Cotton series and newcomers alike.

Thanks, Gematsu for the info! 


Cotton Fantasy, Cotton Rock n Roll, Cotton, ININ Games, Europe, PS4, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Switch, gameplay, features, screenshots, pre-order

Cotton Fantasy Western release for PS4 & Switch is now available for pre-order here at Playasia. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

Read more about the Japanese version HERE


  • Modern, HD graphics and new shoot ’em up game mechanics, including Psyvariar‘s “Buzz” system and Sanvien‘s “Time Attack” mechanic
  • 6 playable characters to choose from, each with different mechanics and attacks, even including guests like Umihara Kawase and Luffee from Doki Doki Poyacchio
  • 16 unlockable and highly varied scrolling stages, with vertical, horizontal and even 3D movement
  • A light-hearted story with fun and charming cutscenes, voiced entirely in Japanese
  • An exhilarating soundtrack featuring iconic remastered tracks from past games
  • Unlockable content and different characters offer high replayability
  • Aim for the high score with the featured national ranking boards



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