Let’s play a lot with the February Savings for PlayStation!

Originated from the Latin term “februum” (purification); February is the shortest month of the year. Known in the past also as Solmonath, Hornung, or Kale-monath; in history, during this month many important events occurred, for example, the birth of the American inventor Thomas Edison, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen was opened… and also Sony discounted dozens of cool titles starting the February Savings campaign.
Thanks to it, we can play a lot, and $ave even more; let’s stop the words, and let the games speak!

God of War – 55% OFF

Kratos, the time to bloodbath Asgard has come…
Many years have passed since the Ghost of Sparta slain the Father of the Gods. Stories tell that after the final battle against Zeus, he moved into the cold Scandinavian lands to find peace. In there, Kratos met a beautiful girl called Faye who gave him a healthy and brave son called Atreus.
Impulsive and untrained in the fine art of war; Kratos taught him how to survive in the savage land of Norse Gods battling against the bloodthirsty monsters and the ferocious warriors who live there. Be prepared for a fierce struggle that sees father and son against everybody else. Embracing the triple role of warrior, father, and mentor, the Ghost of Sparta will teach his son not only to use brute force but also to exploit the brain skills to solve intricate puzzles throughout the merciless adventure in the nine kingdoms. Raise a new generation of heroes in a gruesome god to eat man world, showing him the deadliest techniques learned in 13 years of battles against the most powerful beings of Greek Mythology…
Climb into the legend with God of War!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven – 75% OFF

Unleash your stand, and experience pure Araki epicness with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven!
Choose between Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, Josuke, Giorno, Jolyne, Johnny,  Joshu, and all the other unconventional fighters that made this series so popular all around za warudo, summon your stands, and be ready for the fight against several powerful, but eccentric enemies such as Vampires, Zombies, Soldiers, and many others in the arenas that you (probably) you’ve already seen in the anime. More enemies you’ll defeat, and more your skills will become powerful.
Fill the power gauges, activate the Stands, and get ready for the next OraOraOra gaming experience!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – 35% OFF

What a strength, but don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world!
Directly from the four corners of the planet; the 40 strongest warriors gather once again for the most exciting fighting tournament ever organized.  Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the biggest updated version of the worldwide beloved fifth chapter. Including tons of new costumes, new mechanics, new modes, and balance tweaks, it comes also with 40 legendary characters that make the roster the largest one ever seen in any Street Fighter game.
Hotter than hell, this version will make you an actual champion; fight for the future of the planet, you can rule over the world with an iron fist choosing M. Bison or Gill or fight your way to bring peace impersonating Ryu & Ken, the greatest karate men inside and outside the Land of the Rising Sun. You have still a few days to complete your training, Friday is near, be prepared to kick into the grounds!

Far Cry New Dawn – 75% OFF

17 years have passed since the events occurred in Hope County; now the world is a savage wasteland… do your best and survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Far Cry New Dawn!
Stealth, exploration, and brutal combat gameplay mechanics have been wisely mixed with an unconventional dose of black humor that adds a new spicy enjoyment to the adventure. If you’re in a hurry, don’t forget that you can build your vehicles to run faster than ever from the violent touch of the Highwaymen.
Since 2018, and with the blessing of father Joseph Seed, The Lord shows his love through unexpected ways, and the presence of the Twins in this world is one of them. Be the savior of an entire community, and let your light shine upon it. Amen!

Horizon: Zero Dawn – 60% OFF

When you thought to yourself, “Why aren’t there any cavemen vs robot dinosaur titles?” Guerilla Games comes along and drops Horizon: Zero Dawn!
Set among the ruins of a forgotten civilization; highly advanced machines hunt the remnants of humanity who have now regressed to tribal society, and the game centers itself on the adventure of the outcast Aloy, as she follows her destiny… Beset by a steel menagerie; Aloy must use the gifts natural to humans by taking advantage of stealth, cunning, agility, and resourcefulness to survive the hordes of these mechanical saurian-like creatures. By careful planning, each encounter becomes a hunt; where players can exploit the weakness of these machines, it helps that humanity has developed weapons and tools that combine both natural materials with mechanical parts, as Aloy will need all the help she can get in her solitude journey of man versus machine!

Many other incredible titles are waiting; so don’t miss to grab your Instant Digital Cards, and enjoy all of these the mightiest games at insanely cheap prices!


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