Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Introduces Marilith, New Locations & New Jobs

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

PS4™, PS5™, XONE™ & XSX™ – US, EU, JP & ASIA

Square Enix has released a new batch of screenshots and details for the upcoming RPG Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. This time the game introduced the characters Marilith and The Lufenians, new locations and job system.


Meet the frightening flaming foes

Malrith is the Fiend of Fire. She uses her six arms to launch a barrage of attacks and confounds Jack and his allies with swift movements, such as slamming down her long tail.
You’ll have to be extra-careful to avoid her petrifying “Stone Gaze” attack.
The Lufenians
Jack exchanges words with these mysterious people during snatched glimpses of his fragmented memories.
Their strange clothes make it impossible to gauge any emotions from their words or actions.

Story and events

Jack’s journey to defeat the darkness that infests Cornelia is full of mystery. Here are just a few questions to ponder…


The Lufenians gave Jack a mysterious crystal – but what links our protagonist to these strange people?


It appears that the crystals possessed by Jack and his allies possess some sort of function. What could it be?


Here we see Jed talking in the golden meadow. Has Jack been here with him before?


Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin takes you to many dangerous locations, from underwater shrines to pirate caves.

We have three new areas to show you today – each one full of dangerous creatures and hidden secrets.

Mount Gulg


This volcano contains many environmental perils, such as molten lava which blocks the way, and gas pockets that explode due to the presence of fire magic. One thing’s for sure – it will be difficult to reach the summit unless you can stop the lava from gushing out.

The Ancients’ Tower


This white building has an unshakeable sense of otherness. Eerie mechanisms await the unwary intruder, such as devices to trap those who enter and urn-like objects that float through the air.

The Wicked Arbor


The Wicked Arbor is a dense expanse of forest that lies at the foot of the volcano – so dense that moonlight only just manages to peek through the canopy. The area is shrouded in a thick, gaseous miasma, while walls made out of ivy and plants that spit poisonous gas stand in your way.

The Job System

Jack and his allies are able to equip various jobs, which imbue them with skills they can use in battle. Jack is able to equip two jobs at a time, and switch between them seamlessly with the press of a button.


Every job has access to a unique action ability – special attacks that inflict large amount of damage on an enemy’s break gauge. If you reduce the gauge to zero, the enemy is stunned and can typically be instantly finished off with a Soul Burst attack. This also increases your maximum MP, allowing you use your abilities more often!

Let’s take a look at some of the Expert Jobs in the game, and their unique abilities:

Dark Knight


This high risk / high reward job grants enhanced attack power when you’re on the brink of death. The unique action souleater lets you sacrifice HP and MP to deal additional dark element damage.

All this makes the Dark Knight the strongest job in terms of sheer attack power… as long as you’re willing to pay the price.

Void Knight


The Void Knight job lets you catch your enemy’s magical attacks and turn them into power.

While your unique action runic is being used, guarding deploys a magic circle that neutralises incoming magic attacks and absorbs their power!

You can then use this power to replenish your MP or unleash it as a powerful slash attack.



As a Ninja, you have access to many combat tactics with your unique ninjutsu ability.

You can make use of special ninja tools which allow you to pin down enemies and apply status effects onto weapons without consuming any MP.

Ninja tools are limited but can be replenished by visiting a cube – the basecamp for your exploration.

Thanks, Square Enix!

Game Overview

With the memory of their struggle buried deep in their hearts…

Jack and his allies, Ash and Jed, burn with resolve to defeat Chaos as they throw open the gates to the Chaos Shrine. Yet doubts remain—are they truly the Warriors of Light the prophecy foretold?

Step into a world of dark fantasy and revel in the exhilarating, action-packed battles!


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  • THE FF SERIES’ CRUELEST AND MOST DYNAMIC BATTLES – Layers of challenging action illustrate the story. In addition to dynamic weapon abilities, battles are punctuated by iconic actions and abilities from the FF series. After depleting an enemy’s Break gauge to zero, deliver a finishing blow using a soul burst, shattering the crystalized enemy to oblivion
  • SWITCH BETWEEN TWO JOBS DURING BATTLE – Various types of weapons, such as greatswords, daggers, and spears, determine a character’s job when equipped. Acquire new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree. Completing the picture, equipped weapons and gear are reflected in the character’s appearance
  • BOUNDLESS LOOT, DEEP CRAFTING AND VISUAL CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION – For the first time ever in a non-MMO entry in the FINAL FANTASY series, every piece of gear equipped will be visually represented in game. A richly rewarding crafting system and bountiful loot lets you customize your entire party and choose how you look and play
  • MULTIPLAYER MODE – Experience co-op play in a group of up to 3 players through online multiplayer mode. Enjoy the main story and side missions with your friends



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