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Established on November 1st, 1986, FromSoftware is one of the most outsider and interesting developing companies on the planet. Founded by Jin Naotoshi, initially, the company developed business software for PC to help other companies to improve their activities. But it’s only eight years later that FromSoftware started to become a popular name among gamers. In fact, on December 16th, 1994 they’ve released their first video game for consoles; the FPRPG called King’s Field!

Exploiting the incredible specs of the first PlayStation, this title allows us to explore huge real-time 3D dungeons to fight monsters & gather treasures. The mission is to eradicate the evil forces that invaded the once peaceful kingdom of Verdite, sealing the Door of Darkness forever… Since this one, players witnessed what would later become the trademarks of all the FromSoftware productions: an unconventional structure, and the difficulty!
Even if King’s Field has been a commercial success, it can’t be compared with the next series; considered worldwide a real milestone in the game industry Armored Core brought the concept of mech-action to previously unbelievable heights. In 19 episodes, sadly the last one “Armored Core Verdict Day” was released nine years ago, this once small developer achieved the global success it deserves.

Praise the Paper!

Luckily, this carries all of us to return to a dark fantasy world thanks to the well-renowned Soul series. Starting from Demon’s Souls, hordes of Chosen Undeads walked slowly down at the heart of the world to fight dangerous monsters and… praise the sun!

Equipped with an incredible level of frustration that forced players to overcome their limits; the difficulty is the center point of all the games crafted by FromSoftware, and we can say without doubts, that they are not mere video games, but they are existentialist adventures in which Hidetaka Miyazaki taken the concepts of Nietzsche, and Camus and eventually mixed them with fantasy settings to release something very new. Rich with epic stories, cool characters, and last but not least astonishing visuals; we’re so happy to enjoy the fabulous artbooks of Souls series, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and obviously Elden Ring!

Enter the Legend!

Providing a wonderful experience on paper; all these artbooks celebrate the heroic spirit present in all of us through hundreds of promotional illustrations, rough sketches, setting-related pictures, and many other hidden goodies. Pushing the boundaries of artistic representation; on every page, we can find well-known characters, locations, items, and weapons that will let shout: how did the developers could recreate these so faithfully in the games? In addition, each art book includes also a part where the staff explains the production processes; we can read about their initial ideas, and watch the behind the curtains to see how the games’ themes and magic takes shape.

Easy to open but [very] difficult to close; get all of them, and reserve a special position on your bookshelf; flip through the pages and even you will enter into the legend of FromSoftware tales!


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