Free Shipping available at Playasia


Shipping is now free for economy shipments at Playasia when you spend over $99.99 on eligible products! That means you can bundle toys, games and whatever else your heart desires.

The Free Shipping Update

Global shipping has been a significant topic of discussion for Playasia since 2020 and more so recently considering international conflict and fluctuating crude oil prices that affect the cost to ship products internationally. In order to adjust to these fluctuations in crude oil prices our shipping rates will consequently increase by $1.00 for all airmail shipments starting today, May 4th. We will monitor our available shipping channels and rates closely for ongoing development.

To combat these shipping price increases and the effect on our customers the option for free international shipping will be making a much-requested return. All orders valued over $99.99 will have the option to ship for free via Airmail. Unlike our promotions in the past there is no end date for this additional service.

  • Airmail base shipping costs increased by $1.00.
  • Airmail eligible orders over $99.99 will now have the option to ship for free.
  • This does not apply to existing orders.

Some products will be too heavy to ship via airmail and thus will not be eligible for free shipping. If free shipping is not automatically applied to your order – individual weight and dimensions are likely the culprit! Currently products with an individual weight over 650g will not be eligible for free shipping. Total order weight must also be under 2,000g.


7 Responses

  1. Will Branch says:

    Is this free shipping service not available in the US? The option does not seem to come up when I checkout. Thank you!

    • Fem says:

      Hi Will,

      Free shipping is available worldwide but there are conditions on how to avail of the free shipping. Please read the guidelines in our article.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  2. Luiz says:

    I want purchase 3 games they ask me to pay 30 dollars for ship.
    its free ship or nothing?
    for US

    • Fem says:

      Hi Luiz,

      You have to bundle for $99.99 on eligible products to avail of the free shipping.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

  3. NGamerCole says:

    Where can you check the weight of the individual items?

    • Fem says:

      Hi NGamerCole,

      Unfortunately, you can’t check the weight of a certain product on our product page. But once you order, you will be able to get notified if you are eligible for the free shipping.

      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Playasia Team

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