Kingdom Hearts – 20 years in an ever-changing universe!

2002 – 2022… no, these numbers are not representing the alpha and omega, they are the years that mark the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest crossover JRPG series of all time… the one and only Kingdom Hearts!

It all started on March 28, 2002; when the first chapter has been released for PlayStation 2. Starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and many other superstars taken from Disney and Square Enix IPs; Kingdom Hearts can be considered a Comics X Videogames hybrid series that share the vision and the narrative influences to create a very unique crossover. Thanks to this mix, millions of gamers around the world have the opportunity to play ‘n’ interact with an almost infinite cast of actual superstars traveling through a huge multiverse built by dozens of different planets. Thanks to its fantastic cosmology; we can learn that all the beings are made by three main elements:

  1. Heart: the part that can express emotions and keep memories
  2. Soul: the inner force that allows beings to “exist”
  3. Body: the mean thanks to which beings can live in the physical world

These components are not “eternal”, but can change from individual to individual; for example, the Heartless are pure soulish beings that due to their corruption they haven’t a physical body anymore; they are shadows made by pure darkness who aim to consume a big number of hearts to continue their cursed existence through the centuries. Expanded in every chapter; the cosmology of Kingdom Hearts is probably the richest in the whole JRPG genre, probably even Final Fantasy hasn’t reached this level of complexity.

The real voyage of discovery consists in having a new state of mind!

But there’s another aspect that makes Kingdom Hearts what it is… travels.
Connecting different worlds through special routes, onboard our extremely fast Gummi Ship; we can travel to the limits of the known universe opening new roads to unexplored worlds that need our help to restore the light. Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Wood, Peter Pan’s Neverland, Aladdin’s Agrabah, and Nightmare Before Christmas’ Halloween Town are just some of the places that ask for the help of Sora, Donald & Goofy, but in 20 years (and a vast number of video games, manga, novels, etc.) we could travel through dozens of planets to unveil all the secrets behind Xehanort and the mysterious Organization XIII doing exactly the opposite of what the Prime Directive says; to non-interfere with the internal affairs of other civilizations.

But as the JRPG tradition wants, our mission was to change the destinies of billions of the inhabitants of those worlds defeating the darkness and bringing back the light. So, thanks to its extreme popularity, we are here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. Joining our forces we can heed the call, and accomplish the mission; the time to take up the Keyblade again is NOW, enter into the cockpit of your faithful Gummi Ship to travel to the infinity and beyond. Let’s begin a new ceremonial flight through the kingdoms; thanks to a vast number of cool items we can decorate our Gummiship in a very unique way…
This is the way of the Keyblade Master, follow it to make everyone happy!

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