Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – This is the new way to go!

We all played with Cyberpunk 2077; (in case you haven’t you still have time) one of the greatest titles of 2020 (and 2021 as well) gave us the big opportunity to enter a [n0t-$o] far future to live again and again a very exciting adventure under the skyscrapers of Neon City.
Following the Ripperjack’s teachings —
1) Style over Substance
2) Attitude is Everything
3) Always take it to the Edge
4) Break the Rules
We could offer our souls to the machine to accomplish our destinies in the dark alleys created by Mike Pondsmith in 1988. From the tallest penthouses to the darkest slums; in Cyberpunk all is cultural technoshock. Crossing our paths with Rockerboys, Solos, Netrunners, Techies, Medias, Cops, Corporates, Fixers, and Nomads; earning money we acquired the most sophisticated cyberware that granted us access to the most remote areas of the net.

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Obviously, living on the edge is one of the best things ever, and we’re so happy that during Geeked Week 2022, Netflix has announced the new anime series based on this hugely beloved series: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners!
Created by Studio Trigger & CD Projekt Red; in 10 episodes we have the opportunity to discover how the black market’s technology can change our lives. At the moment the story is still shrouded in mystery, but the teaser trailer promises something must-see!
Announced for next September; this anime will catapult all of us into a vivid and wonderfully immersive science fiction digital world where all the futuristic fantasies created by generations of authors are an integral part of the present… dark atmospheres, megacorporations, hackers & cyborgs, are not just fantasies; they are the essence of humanity 2.0!


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