Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary – We live with the Planet!

A train has just arrived at the Midgar central station, some people jump out from the train, and they are attacked by the security guards… the black man says “C’mon newcomer. Follow me”… and this is how one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time starts, Final Fantasy VII!
25 years have passed since its release, but to tell the story of it; we must go back to 1995 when during the hot days of August, something hotter happened. during the ACM SIGGRAPH convention, hundreds of companies from the four corners of the planet shown their best CG projects, but only one could attract the attention of the people who attended it, a Japanese developer called Squaresoft.

Quite popular among the niche of JRPG players, they’ve revealed an eye-popping tech demo to present an upcoming Final Fantasy game for Ultra 64 (or as it has been rebaptized later Nintendo 64). Running on an SGI Onix workstation; the Final Fantasy SGI Demo saw the characters of Final Fantasy VI fight against a giant golem in a real 3D environment using many spectacular melee attacks and spells, and this is considered the seed who gave life to VII’s installment, that revolutionized the whole genre, and above all let charmed millions of people located at the four corners of Gaia.

After a long sleep, the time has come…

Like all the previous (and the next) episodes; each Final Fantasy game has a specific theme around which the story unfolds; Final Fantasy VII Yoshinori Kitase & Hironobu Sakaguchi gave us the unique opportunity to explore the meaning of the “Life” concept in its deepest sense. If we talk about Cloud, it’s difficult to define the essence of his life; is he a former inhabitant of Nibelheim? An ex-SOLDIER? A member of AVALANCHE? A childhood friend of Tifa? A sworn enemy of Sephiroth? Or a clone of Zack?

And since the very beginning of the game, we discover that the purpose of the destruction of the Mako reactors in Midgar; is not to save only to save humans but to save all lifeforms including the planet itself. It is not seen only as a giant rock that floats in space, but as the British scientist James Lovelock declared during the 1960s; it is a complex organism whose primary duty is to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life. In this adventure Cloud, Barret, Red XIII, Vincent, and all the other heroes must prevent the world’s destruction at the hand of Sephiroth.

Tall, charming, intelligent, and extremely powerful; this ex-SOLDIER is the son of Professor Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent. Unfortunately soon after the moment, he discovered that his existence was nothing but an experiment, Sephiroth studied hard to become a god using the Black Materia, the only way to summon the Ultimate Destructive Magic called Meteor to reshape the world accordingly to his desire.

A promise is a promise!

Rich in atmosphere, story, and music; the original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 for Sony PlayStation. In the first three days, it sold more than two million copies becoming the most successful game of all time in the fifth generation era. And a couple of years ago the Remake appeared adding new content to the original story featuring a brand new ATB system that mixes in such a unique way real-time & turn-based elements, an incredibly astonishing art style, dozens of unforgettable music pieces, and last but not least… a lot of emotions…

For 25 years Final Fantasy VII helped many people understand the true meanings of friendship, solidarity, and determination; this is why so many t-shirts, music boxes, toys, soundtracks, books, and more always attract all of us. Because they are not mere soulless gadgets; actually they portray good old friends that enhance the values of the adventure to the next evolution. Now it’s time to celebrate the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary; we hope that the series will continue to amaze us as it did until now!

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