Fire Emblem – The age of chivalry is never passed!

Start a war to preserve peace; this is the main concept (or excuse) that humankind used to fight against other people since the dawn of time…
Neanderthals vs Homosapiens, Romans vs Carthaginians, Spartans vs Persians; in all of these conflicts men developed new kinds of strategies to be victorious. But there is only a historical era in which the art of battle has been codified in genealogies and chants; which were memorized and passed down: the age of knighthood.

Honor, prowess, and courtesy, are the main three duties of a knight, and these duties were valid not only inside the cities but in the middle of the battlefield where physically strong and skillful individuals do their best to perform great deeds of arms. In more than 1000 years of fine literature, we know that knights were set apart from other men; this isolation from the commoners was forged through military physicality, religiosity, and a new social status that we know now as chivalry. In opuses like Erec and Enide, Yvain the Knight with the Lion, Perceval the Story of the Grail, or Le Morte d’Arthur; we may experience how determined men could reach the physical and moral perfection for the glory of the King and the God.

Always ready to sacrifice his body for the cause; a knight must be prepared to face various hard times including single combat, skirmish, organized tourneying, lone combat facing bloodthirsty empires, and more… as Sir Thomas Malory noted, two knights on the battlefield are like a fight between two unstoppable fighting machines that they take up arms, not for fame, but the sake of justice.

Here we are, after all these years, forced to fight one another!

This charming social class cannot remain unnoticed, and since the video games exist; chivalry inspired a huge amount of titles like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War, Age of Empires, and Fire Emblem!
Its story began with a video game designer called Shouzou Kaga; he had a dream…create a new kind of genre, mixing tactical and RPG elements… Working hard for uncountable days and nights, eventually, he showed his colleagues at Intelligent Systems the results of his efforts; a new type of adventure that mixed a fantasy medieval setting, a dramatic story, and a deep gameplay system. Due to the positive reactions of his coworkers; the game has been released on April 20, 1990… the Fire Emblem series was born. The first chapter of this hugely popular series was Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for Nintendo Famicom.

Set in the vast continent called Archanea, the player gets into Marth’s boots; the exiled prince of the kingdom of Altea. Invaded by the evil (and more powerful) empire of Dolhr; Marth began a long voyage that will lead him to the four corners of the world in search of allies to defeat the ruthless conqueror and reclaim what is rightfully his. Soon after the release sales were not up to the expectations; but some months later an incredibly positive word of mouth started to spread among gamers. Thanks to the buzz; the sales number grew higher and higher, making it one of the most popular SRPG series of all time.
This popularity can be seen not only through video games, but also through a huge number of figures, books, live shows, soundtracks, and more. Thanks to all of them, we can still learn and appreciate the characteristics of knighthood in this modern world.

True knights never lose Hopes!

While the main series is made by Simulation RPGs; some spin-offs tell the deeds from different points of view using different gameplay mechanics. The brand new Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes for Nintendo Switch (available on the Asian Nintendo eShop at a very good price) mix the hyper-exciting Musou genre with the traditional role-playing features to give us something memorable.

This new game is so good that Weekly Famitsu, Nintendo Dream & Dengeki Nintendo dedicated the covers to it; but that’s not all, it received great scores on all the most important online and offline magazines, and it has been acclaimed as “a significant improvement over the first Fire Emblem Warriors”. With more than 45 characters at our disposal; this new chapter is a funny, fast-paced hack-and-slash game that gives us the opportunity to wander freely on the battlefields of Fódlan to unveil many secrets jealousy kept in each stage, and switch the characters to perform an (almost) infinite combo that will let crush hundreds of enemies to pieces.
Glory and fame depend on our wits, our abilities, and our companions; let our brave spirit shines across the generations!

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