The evolution continues, put on the Marvel(lous) Fighting Armors!

August 1961… a new kind of comic book hit the newsstands to start a revolution whose effects are clearly visible even today, it was Fantastic Four #1!
Reed, Sue, Ben & Johnny don’t have superheroic alter egos like all the other characters; they are the same people 24 hours, 7 days a week. They are considered by a certain part of civil society as monsters that show lawful minds inserted in chaotic bodies. Created by fears of the Atomic Age; they protect people in a modern mythological era where the “monster” doesn’t represent the other, but the inner self.

With the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby criticized the fears for all that’s different from the “normality” to subvert the equation beauty = good : monstrousness = bad.
A massive cosmic unnatural act started a real revolution on our planet; the very first super-team highlighted the excessive, multiple, excessive, and unstable nature of the atomic-spawned bodies of the Super Gods. Obviously, the Fantastic Four is the first, but not the last; in fact, during the decades the Marvel Bullpen changed the dichotomy between superhero and civilian identities thanks to pop legends like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and all the other characters. In Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson clearly expresses his disgust for this new kind of evolved people calling them “public menace” and “freak”. And we can see that even with a costume and mask, modern superheroes can’t escape into the realm of fantastic adventure beyond the repressions of daily life.

Rejecting the secret identities, since Fantastic Four #1; Marvel superheroes deal with real-life problems including family discords, money, pregnancy, consequences of celebrity, and all in between. This is the secret to their huge success; they don’t face only alien or super-problems from other universes, but also the tribulations of the real people. This fact represents a radical change from the previous generation of comics.

The Good, the Bad, and the Mech!

In a continuously evolving multiverse; Sentinel crafted a brand new series of toys where the most powerful superheroes are equipped with a shining mechawesome outfit… the Fighting Armor line-up!
Ready to fight against powerful cosmic entities or to help common people in the neighborhood; Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and… Loki(!) come to achieve the mission.

Offering unique variations on a theme; these figures truly add a memorable story to Marvel’s multiverse. Assemble your dream team, expand supernatural techno-abilities, and get into a battle of cosmic proportions. When American superheroes meet the Japanese aesthetic, the result is simply… EXCELSIOR!
More stylish than all the other figures released so far; the Fighting Armor Marvel Heroes squad helps us to live extraordinary astonishing adventures, and at the same time explains understandably the meaning of true heroism.


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