The Rumble Fish 2 Physical Release With English Support on December 8 | Pre-order Now!

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The Rumble Fish 2 (English)

PS4™ & Switch – JAPAN

  • This is the physical release for the PS4 and Switch. 
  • It has English language support. It also supports other languages such as Spanish, Portguese, Italian, etc. 
  • Standard and Collector’s Edition available for pre-order here at Playasia. 


Physical collectors, it’s time to celebrate! 3goo will bring the physical version of The Rumble Fish 2 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. No worries, folks, if you are worried about the language support, as both PS4 and Switch versions have multi-language support.

The languages included are Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

So, mark your calendars as The Rumble Fish 2 physical release for PS4 and Switch launches on December 8.

Game Overview

The Rumble Fish 2 is a fighting game developed by Dimps. This is the sequel to The Rumble Fish. The game first released for the arcade in 2005. After several years, this fighting game leaves the arcades officially and goes to the consoles.

Here’s the official game description below via 3goo

At the close of the 20th century… A large-scale natural disaster struck the eastern area of a certain country. The disaster wiped out the financial sector and toppled high-rise buildings over a wide area, even as far as the main functions of the capital. This resulted in the loss of a staggering 158,000 lives.

At the dawn of the 21st century… Conglomerate PROBE-NEXUS, commonly known as Probe, begins reconstruction efforts in the eastern area of said country. Probe relocates its own base of operations to the ruined sector and builds a massive city run by the corporation. Lavished with colossal capital and cutting-edge technology, the modern-day Babylon is made up of skyscrapers that put the old high-rises to shame, the biggest shopping mall in the world, and recreational facilities one might mistake for a theme park. This was the dazzling birth of a symbol for the new century. It became the most essential place on the planet and was christened Zone Prime.

Thanks, Gematsu


The Rumble Fish 2 physical release for PS4 and Switch with English language support is coming on December 8. Here at Playasia, it’s now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now! 


The Rumble Fish 2, The Rumble Fish, English, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Japan, 3goo, Japan, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

Plus, the Collector’s Edition is also available for pre-order for both PS4 and Switch. Check out the inclusions below. 

Box contents

  • PS4 & Switch Game: The Rumble Fish 2
  • Limited DLC Code to Download the Original Arcade Version of “The Rumble Fish”
  • Art + Settings Book, Soundtrack etc.
  • Exclusive Box Illustrated by YUKINARI


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.



  • Relive the arcade days! A legendary fighting game revived with various new features! – The renowned fighting game that excited arcade enthusiasts with its two meters, advanced tactics and smooth visuals, is now available for consoles with many bonus features!
  • Polished battle system by a celebrated fighting game studio – With diverse and advanced game mechanics including two meters for offense & defense, users are able to enjoy complex and challenging game play!
  • Seamless rendering via S.M.A. (Smooth Model Animation) – Characters move very smoothly with high-quality textures due in part to a rendering method developed based on articulated technology
  • New features tailored for modern console game environments – Optimized for the modern environment, such as 16:9 widescreen support, an online battle mode (with rollback system support), training mode with AI, a gallery mode, and more!



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