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Samurai Shodown Coming to the Western Regions on February 25

Samurai Shodown Nintendo™ Switch – EUROPE Finally, for the Western fans out there, SNK‘s fighting game Samurai Shodown (or Samurai Spirits in Japanese title) is set forth to the Western regions on February 25th....

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Samurai Shodown Multi-Language for Switch Coming on December 12th!

Samurai Shodown (Multi-Language) Nintendo™ Switch – ASIA The Asian Version will be available in multi-language. Languages available are English, Chinese and Japanese. It’s coming on December 12th. It’s the same release date in Japan....

SNK侍魂經典重啟《侍魂 曉SAMURAI SHODOWN》中文版6月27日發售

平台: PS4™ 類型:劍戟格鬥 開發/發行: SNK人數:離線:1~2 /在線:2~10 語言:中/英  劍戟格鬥遊戲《侍魂 曉 SAMURAI SHODOWN》 是 1993 年誕生《侍魂》系列最新作,距前作《侍魂 閃》發布已有 10 年時間。角色總共收錄16位,其中13位是歷代角色,如霸王丸、娜可露露、加爾福特等,還有3位原創新角色。

Samurai Spirits for NS – Cut or be cut!

Samurai Spirits Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Extreme Samurai Action To be in attendance, to serve; this is the meaning of the classical Japanese verb saburahu (侍ふ). Coined during the Heian period; it turned into...