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科技所帶來的不僅僅只是救贖 奇洛李維斯登場《電馭叛客 2077》中文版明年4月16日發售

平台:PS4/XONE 類型:角色扮演 開發/發行:CD Projekt RED 人數:1 語言:中/英 《電馭叛客 2077(Cyber​​​​punk 2077) 》是一款由CD Projekt開發並發行的第一人稱視角角色扮演遊戲。本作改編自桌面遊戲《電馭叛客2020》,時空背景設定在2077年,美國加利福尼亞州的「賽博朋克」反烏托邦式城市「夜之城(Night City)」。玩家在這一開放世界中扮演可定制角色傭兵「V」,尋找某種絕無僅有的植入物,掌握長生不死的關鍵。

Go green with the new Xbox Game Pass!

There’s nothing left to say except that E3 2019 is ruled by Microsoft! Last Sunday, during an astonishingly epic conference Phil Spencer has announced very big things including Project Scarlett, XCloud, and the new...

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XBOX E3 2018 BIG REVEALS! – It’s all HERE!

XboxE3 Press Conference June 11, 2018. The time for Microsoft Xbox to step into the spotlight has come. Microsoft blew everyone away with their biggest and greatest revelations yet. And for sure, many viewers who...