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Warriors Orochi 4 new character – Athena

Athena Koei Tecmo just announced the Warriors Orochi 4 new character Athena via new Famitsu magazine and official web.  As we all know Athena, the favorite daughter of Zeus, intelligent and graciously on the battlefield. We probably...

Monster Hunter World upcoming summer update

The Summer Twilight Fest Gday Hunters, the coming Monster Hunter Event “The Summer Twilight Fest” confirmed by Capcom on the official web. Same as the last event, Celestial Pursuit will bedeck with summer decorations,...

PS4《莎木 I & II》中文版將於8月22日發售!

傳說中的遊戲,現在甦醒。《莎木 I & II》將過去在Dreamcast發售的動作冒險遊戲《莎木 一章 橫須賀》與《莎木 II》結合成1套登陸PS4,提升畫質,更新UI,支援獎盃,改善操作方法。中文版支援繁體中文字幕,日語/英語語音。