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《惡靈古堡 4 + 5 + 6》PS4中文實體版2月27日發售!

《惡靈古堡》(生化危機,Resident Evil)系列中高人氣的《惡靈古堡4》《惡靈古堡5》《惡靈古堡6》都以更高畫質和更高FPS登陸PlayStation®4,完整收錄之前推出的內容。此三作中文版的實體光碟版本即將於2018年2月27日發售。

Monster Hunter World: Upcoming Events

Welcome, it’s Blue Monday again.  Capcom announced Monster Hunter World total worldwide shipments and digital download sales reached over 6 million copies.  To celebrate, Capcom pleased two limited-edition item packs for commemorative 5 and 6 million.  Hunters can...

Amaterasu, guide us all on Ōkami HD for PC!

Ōkami HD PC Ι Genre: Divine Adventure Unlike Buddhism, Shintō (神道- Way of the Gods) is the native religion of Japan, its gods are the personification of astrological, geographical, and meteorological phenomena which always affect...