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Game Releases in November

Hi Gamers, have you finished the games in October yet?  No, then hurry as the November titles are coming already! Let’s have a quick look and browse some amazing trailers.  There is a great selection of...

《魔物獵人 世界》相關新聞總結!

《魔物獵人 世界》將於2018年1月26日全球同步發行,登陸PlayStation 4和Xbox One。亞洲地區為PS4平台獨占,遊戲語言包含英文和日文,並將通過免費更新追加中文字幕。

這篇文章幫大家總結已經發佈的《魔物獵人 世界》相關情報。

Capcom December Zombie Games Collections!

In December, Capcom bringing two amazing titles with full content, Biohazard 7: Resident Evil Gold Edition and Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. Both are the classic zombie games but they are in completely...


Monster Hunter World (Japanese & English Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA) US$ 59.99 pre Over September Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has been revealed volume of Monster Hunter World details included new monsters, gameplay, and pre-order details. I believe all hunters...