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void tRrLM(); // Void Terrarium, void tRrLM Void Terrarium, void tRrLM, Void Terrarium, void tRrLM(); //ボイド・テラリウム, PlayStation 4, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Nippon Ichi Software, NIS America, gameplay, features, release date, Void Terrarium, Western release, localization

void tRrLM(); // Void Terrarium Coming to the West!

void tRrLM(); // Void Terrarium PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN Are you waiting for the Western release of void tRrLM(); // Void Terrarium? Well, folks, the game publisher NIS America has finally...

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Raging Loop: Western Release Date Announced for PS4 & Switch

Raging Loop PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – EUROPE   Last time, we have no definite release window for the western localization of Raging Loop (Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P). Fortunately, PQube announced the official release date of Raging...

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Crystar for PS4: Watch the Character Trailer Here!

Crystar PlayStation 4™ – US   Are you waiting for some updates from Spike Chunsoft‘s Crystar? If you are, well you are in the right place, folks! Spike Chunsoft has released a new update...