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Team Ninja’s Nioh Sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide!

Nioh PlayStation 4™ – US, EU, JAPAN & ASIA   Koei Tecmo‘s glory as a developer rises as Nioh reaches 2 million copies sold worldwide! How can it be better than that? Team Ninja...

WEEKLY SPECIAL: Yakuza 3, Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, & More!

WEEKLY SPECIAL: Yakuza 3, Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, & More!

The Play-Asia.com Video Game Weekly Special: Where every week we slash the prices on 8 gaming products so we all can play without all that pay! No other coupons or discounts apply to Weekly Special deals. Terms and Conditions...


2017年12月4日至12月10日一週內發售的中文遊戲集結篇!《人中之龍 極2》《仁王 完全版》《地平線:期待黎明 完全版》《假面騎士 巔峰戰士》等大作雲集!

《仁王 完全版》PS4中文實體版12月7日發售,完整收錄本篇及下載內容!

《仁王》是由Koei Tecmo的Team NINJA開發的黑暗戰國動作RPG,強調與強敵真刀真劍地對決時壓倒性的緊張感和成就感。遊戲中可以遇到日本自古以來的各種妖怪和很多戰國末期的歷史人物。

《仁王 完全版》完整收錄本篇內容以及「東北之龍」、「義之繼承者」、「元和偃武」3個大型付費DLC。可以享受到新武器種類、新劇情、新角色、新守護靈等全新追加要素所帶來的樂趣。

Nioh on Steam, and it’s complete!

Nioh: Complete Edition PC | Genre: Action-RPG Universally known with generic term of yokai, since ancient times ghosts, monsters, weird creatures, and supernatural phenomena of all sorts – with different shapes and sizes – haunt...

HK PSN Autumn Special Up to 50% Off

Autumn Special Autumn Special is now on Hong Kong PS Store, there pretty much 2017 released titles include “Nioh“, “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution”, “Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy”  etc, starting discount from...