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《仁王 完全版》PS4中文實體版12月7日發售,完整收錄本篇及下載內容!

《仁王》是由Koei Tecmo的Team NINJA開發的黑暗戰國動作RPG,強調與強敵真刀真劍地對決時壓倒性的緊張感和成就感。遊戲中可以遇到日本自古以來的各種妖怪和很多戰國末期的歷史人物。

《仁王 完全版》完整收錄本篇內容以及「東北之龍」、「義之繼承者」、「元和偃武」3個大型付費DLC。可以享受到新武器種類、新劇情、新角色、新守護靈等全新追加要素所帶來的樂趣。

The Renaissance of Japanese games!

Even if in the last years western games became prominent in the global market, Japan industry is still one of the brightest and biggest. Without any doubt, it’s the one with the most legacy,...

PS4《初音未來 Project DIVA Future Tone DX》中文版11月22日與日本同步發售!

《初音未來 Project DIVA Future Tone DX》是在下載版《初音未來 Project DIVA Future Tone》基礎上追加各種要素後最新推出的盒裝版。不僅完全收錄已配信的「Future Sound」、「Colorful Tone」和3組「追加樂曲包」,還新增超人氣新曲「ゴーストルール」和「砂の惑星 feat.初音ミク」,總收錄樂曲數達到238曲,服裝模組多達396套。並對應PlayStation®4 Pro,影像品質得到強化,連接4K電視遊玩時解象度可達3840×2160。

From student to worlds’ savior!

  Blue Reflection PlayStation®4 | Genre: Relationship-based JRPG Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School is a selective academy for girls aged between 14 and 18. Our students achieve at the highest academic level, and the vast...

11 years of absolute fun!

Launched in November 2006, the PlayStation Store has revolutionized the world of the entertainment offering, even more, games, add-on content, playable demos, themes, and trailers. During these 11 years the service became one of...



DJMax Respect (PS4) Multiple Versions Available Now!

DJMax Respect PlayStation 4™ – Release Day: Nov 9, 2017 – Available Now! Rated ★★★★★ (5 out of 5) By Our Customers   DJMAX Respect PS4 launched for PlayStation 4 in Japan today! Well done Arc System...

When You Gotta Shoot, Shoot!

Any gun can play! Welcome to the ultimate shooting game selection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Offering a fully-automated and recent shooting games’ selection, you can fire across the eras with all...


.HACK//G.U. LAST RECODE PlayStation 4™ (PS4) – Multiple versions | Release date: 1 Nov 2017 | Genre: Action RPG Log back into the .hack//G.U. trilogy and return to “The World,” as Haseo tracks down...