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Transference: “Escape a Corrupted Mind” this Fall 2018

Transference PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ & Xbox One™ – US & EU Escape a Corrupted Mind SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal collaborate for the first time ever for this upcoming psychological thriller adventure game. Transference is...

The Persistence, PSVR, PS4, Sony, Europe, gameplay, features, release date, price, screenshots, trailer

Horror Rogue-like The Persistence is Coming to VR this July

The Persistence PlayStation 4™ & PlayStation VR™ – EUROPE   Experience the horrors in the PlayStation VR Exclusive only for PlayStation 4 Release date: July 24 Early spooky feel for this year’s Halloween? The...


這篇文章集結2018年1月發售的中文版遊戲,《魔物獵人 世界》《最終幻想 紛爭NT》《信長之野望 大志》《七龍珠 FighterZ》等大作雲集!