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PS4/Xbox One《極地戰嚎5》中文版3月27日發售!


《刺客教條:叛變 重製版》中文版3月20日登陸PS4/XB1!

最早於2014年在PS3/Xbox 360平台推出的《刺客教條︰叛變》,現在將在PS4和Xbox One上推出重製版,而且內容將包含兩個原作的額外任務「崗恩爵士任務的護甲」和「圍攻紫狐堡」,以及收錄特殊套裝、武器和自訂物品的「聖殿騎士大師包」與「探險家包」。

Monster Hunter World: Upcoming Events

Welcome, it’s Blue Monday again.  Capcom announced Monster Hunter World total worldwide shipments and digital download sales reached over 6 million copies.  To celebrate, Capcom pleased two limited-edition item packs for commemorative 5 and 6 million.  Hunters can...

Insert coin to enter in Retropolis!

Welcome to Retropolis! Go back to the wonderful 80s & 90s, the decades where the games were radical and glorious! During this period many things are changed, but not the desire to play with...

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Awaken Your Survival Instincts In Conan Exiles

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – EU, US, AU – PRE-ORDER NOW!   Survive. Build. Dominate. How far will you go in an open-world survival game set in the savage lands of Conan the...

More Than You Expect – Xbox Game Pass

O-M-G! Yesterday definitely was a great day for gamers, Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass against their rival –PlayStation Plus.  Some of you maybe thought it just same as Sony’s strategy, but it actually much better...