Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)

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Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition (Spanish Cover)

Product Features

  • A terrifying new world - Travel to a fear-filled gothic city inhabited by deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures. Stunningly detailed environments, atmospheric lighting and advanced new online experiences bring your journey to life, showcasing the power of PlayStation 4
  • Fast-paced strategic combat - Armed with a unique arsenal of weaponry, use your wits, strategy and reflexes to take down the agile and intelligent enemies that guard the city’s dark secrets
  • Unleash transformable weapons - With a shotgun in one hand and a saw cleaver in the other, attack enemies with weapons that transform as you fight. Adapt your play style to different weaponry, mastering their transformations to deliver devastating melee strikes and projectile attacks
  • Ground-breaking PvP multiplayer - Put your skills to the test as other players jump into your game offering the ultimate challenge: a human opponent!
  • Stunning 1-3 player co-op - Join up to 2 friends to increase your chances of survival as you journey together into the unknown
  • Industry-leading asynchronous play - Stay constantly connected to the Bloodborne community as the graves of the fallen provide warnings of what’s to come, while gestures and messages left by fellow journeymen aid your quest, or fool you into making a fatal mistake
  • Create and explore user-generated Channel Dungeons - Collect items on your journey to generate unique dungeons and earn rare unlocks for your character. Work with the Bloodborne community to create the best Channel Dungeons, then share them to see who can survive your creations
  • Rewarding character levelling and customisation - Choose attributes to suit your play style and evolve your character as you gain more experience, improving your weaponry and magical skills

Item Description

If Bloodborne needs to be summed up, then the prevalent themes would be: exploring the fearsome unknown, intense life-and-death battles, and a familiar yet uniquely new online experience.

From the makers of the infamous Souls series, From Software's PS4 exclusive will attempt to take the tried and tested formula of giving players a sense of achievement to the next stage - especially when Miyazaki, the original creator of the Souls series is back at the helm. What is promised is a harrowing experience like no other, and fans of tension, discovery, and straight up fun will sure to be excited to play Bloodborne.

If you have played the previous Souls games, then this one is a definite must buy. But if you haven't, please allow us to describe why we at Play-Asia.com are especially excited to play this game on February 5th, 2015!

The 'Souls' Aesthetic Finally Brought to Light:

While Dark Souls 2 was a beautiful game on release, the original was meant to have a much richer sense of lighting, with focus on what players could or could not see.

In the case of Bloodborne, the attention to detail is almost overwhelming as gorgeous lighting spills forth from the moon, only to be overtaken by the eventual darkness; players will have to rely on the muted lanterns burning in the streets, or illuminate dangerous sections with a trusty torch. The torch feature on Dark Souls 2 is now in full effect, as it seems to be a requirement for any who wish to survive.

Exploring Yharnam, and the World Beyond:

One of the most exciting things we've heard about Bloodborne is the intricate world we'll be able to explore.

Based on the Gothic architectural style and movement of 12th to 16th century, a foreboding and meandering design will echo Miyazaki's expertise on creating interconnected levels similar to Dark Souls; the feeling of discovering the story and context of lore through a slow archeological pace can only add to the increasing sense of dread of not knowing where to go at first, if at all.

This maddening masochistic approach is signature to the Souls series, and while the faint of heart may balk at this style in lieu of instant gratification, the final feeling of mastering a world through trial and error is one that we welcome time and time again.

While the trailers have only offered a view into Yharnam, From Software has stated that the game's universe is much much larger, and perhaps the largest in scope as Bloodborne leverages the PS4 technology.

Poised and Ready for Battle of the Most Difficult Degree:

While the initial impression from the E3 trailer of Bloodborne lent itself to comments on how it seemed like a hack-and-slash, details revealed have shown that combat in Bloodborne is an evolved version of the Souls combat system. Enemies are far more agressive and quicker, and the amount of enemies that a player will face at once has been increased; instead of waiting for an opening or tanking through the game, players are now charged with strategically commanding the flow of battle.

Tactics revolve around the "Regain System" that awards players for taking risks and being decisive. By striking back at enemies after taking damage within a short window of opportunity, players can regain lost health, almost as if they were taking revenge on the enemy - the idea is to remove the negative feedback of losing health and replace it with a sense of a fighter's will, to persistently adapt blow by blow until a foe is vanquished. The most important rule now is to master an offensive and counter-attack style, as opposed to waiting and timing defensively.

All of this combined with Bloodborne's use of melee attacks and short ranged attacks make many controllers soaked in sweat and tension!

Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition includes:

- The Original Bloodborne Experience
- Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Expansion


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Full game with DLC
Best version to collect because of DLC inside disc. One of the best games to play on your ps4. It's a From Software masterpiece!
Fear the Old Blood
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Full game with dlc
I have the raw copy of this game, but I had to buy this entire experience to play again. Lets go to Yarnan again!
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Bloodborne is a masterpiece
Extremely difficult but the most rewarding gaming experience ever. Beautiful dark gothic steam punk scary and bloody... cosmic horror galore (^_^)
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The best Soulsborne game yet!
The best of the best in its genre: thrilling Souls combat, incredible atmosphere, and plenty of exploration. Not to be missed by Souls fans.

The GOTY edition comes with a much more stylish case and the amazing Old Hunters expansion.

Top tier quality game.
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Bloodborne Goty(Portuguese - BR)
Excelente compra, chegou rápido para uma compra internacional, sem problemas, tudo muito bem embalado.
É a versão Completa do jogo, com todas as DLC's já em disco, excelente para quem admira e gosta de ter os seus jogos todos em Mídia Física sem qualquer coisa para Download, recomendado para colecionadores.
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