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Brawl of the Ninjas, Princes and Ghosts - Tenchu Shadow Assassins, Fire Emblem (US versions), ghost Mario, Mushroom plush toys & more!

From the publisher: Race Pro recreates a breathtaking reality giving gamers the ultimate racing simulation experience - with precision physics and handling.

Racers will feel every bend and burst of acceleration along with every emotion from pre-race tension in the pit lanes to the exhilaration of capturing the checker flag.

Race Pro provides unrivalled realism and deep immersion into the racing world through ultra realistic car models and official FIA championships and tracks.

Putting players in the driving seats of their simulated racing careers, racers will have the opportunity to work their way up the leader boards through intense training and winning key races.

Race Pro has something for everyone, allowing players of all levels to pick up and play, while offering challenging tracks and advanced modes for the more experienced players.

Race Pro is available as Asians and US versions for Xbox360™. While the Asian version has arrived, the US version will come next Monday (23rd February).

Race ProASIA N/A sold
Race ProUS N/A sold

From the publisher: Fight your way through dangerous territory and complete thrilling missions as the ultimate ninja!

Tenchu 4 continues the saga of Rikimaru and Ayame, elite ninjas who must use their lethal skills to keep the peace in feudal Japan.

As loyal servants to Lord Gohda, Rikimaru and Ayame have seen much blood shed throughout their master's territory. Now an evil enemy has kidnapped Kiku-hime, Lord Gohada's daughter.

It is up to Rikimaru and Ayame to save the daughter and unmask the face of the enemy behind this treachery.

Game Features:

  • Use over 17 ninja weapons and tools, each with its own unique Wii motion
  • Move silently and use your environment as a camouflage to assassinate your targets
  • Fight your way through enemey territory and complete thrilling missions as the ultimate ninja
Tenchu 4 is now available as a US version for Nintendo Wii™,

Tenchu: Shadow AssassinsUS N/A sold

The Japanese version is available as well as Nintendo Wii™ and Sony PSP™ versions.

Nintendo Wii™
Tenchu 4JPN US$ 24.99 1w

Sony PSP™
Tenchu 4ASIA N/A sold
Tenchu 4JPN US$ 38.99 1w

The Original Soundtrack, too, is available at Play-Asia.com.

Tenchu 4 Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 21.90 5-15d

From the publisher: Medeus, the king of the dragonkin, has been revived and is forming an alliance with a fearsome sorcerer named Gharnef. Together, they threaten to the throw the entire continent of Archanea back to an age of chaos and war.

Now, it's up to young Prince Marth and his small band of loyal followers to rise up and rally all those left in the land to make one last desperate push to free Archanea from the tyranny of the Shadow Dragon.

There are dozens of units and different weapons and magic spells, each with its own strategic benefits-high-flying Pegasus knights move effortlessly over varied terrain, fast-moving mounted cavaliers can use swords and lances, unarmed curates use healing staves to mend the wounds of other units and so on.

Fire Emblem is now available for English speaking audiences on Nintendo DS™.

Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonUS N/A sold

Look up tips on battle tactics in the official guide book.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Prima Official Game GuideUS N/A sold

The Japanese version is still available at Play-Asia.com along with the original soundtrack.

Nintendo DS™
Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no KenJPN US$ 55.99 24h

Audio Soundtrack
Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari No Ken Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold

Mario has turned himself into a ghoul in this plush toy collection. Presenting himself as a great white ball with a little puff of a tail and his iconic mustache and cap, he is cuter, funnier than terror inducing. Roll him across the sofa in moments of idleness and throw him as a projectile during pillow fights.

Grinning wide and showing you all his teeth is a ghost mushroom. Never to be underestimated and never looking quite as devilish, the usually friendly mushroom shows gamers and fans his other face. Although his teeth are sharp, he is perfectly cuddly as a soft toy and is up to no mischief, in your household, at least.

Ghost Mario and Mushroom have floated their way to our warehouse today and is available for:

Super Mario Galaxy DX 2 Plush Doll: Ghost MarioJPN N/A sold
Super Mario Galaxy DX 2 Plush Doll: Ghost MushroomJPN N/A sold

Also in stock today:

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Japanese language Version)ASIA N/A sold

Game Magazine
Weekly Famitsu No. 1055 (2009 03/06) Special IssueJPN N/A sold


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