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Bright Sun Mansion

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房玉麟是一名 65 歲的京劇演員,於紐約一間美甲店工作。他目睹了京劇表演藝術在過去半個世紀的興衰流變,又覺得自己的技藝隨著年齡的增長正在衰退,因後繼無人而感到憂心忡忡。2012 年 6 月 24 日,房玉麟組織了一次京劇表演。雖然他知道劇組的演員們都已無心演出,依然動用自己所有的技能和魅力去激勵團員們完成這場演出。縱使成果粗糙,但上臺表演讓他找回舞臺明星的感覺。他情不自禁地投入這場表演;他深知自己兒時學習京劇的那個時代已經一去不復返,但仍以自己的榮耀和尊嚴完成他畢生的使命——在紐約傳承京劇文化。

It's a story about a 65-year-old legendary Peking Opera master ,Yuling Fang, who emigrates to New York where he works in a nail salon, witnessed the peak and fall of the Peking Opera-the greatest classic performing art in Chinese theatre. Crushed by Mao's Cultural Revolution and the social changes in modern China, the great tradition of passing on the art form from master to pupil is being lost. Year after year, he holds fast to his love of this grand performing art.

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