Bullet Girls Phantasia

Compatible with PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
Version: Japan
Version: Asia
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Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia
Bullet Girls Phantasia

Product Features

  • Revealing outfits on the battlefield - When the girls make a variety of movements, they will be able to get a glimpse of the scenery of the skirts. Sprint, emergency evasion, close to attack and crawl forward, and so on, will let girls' pants and trousers go on the battlefield
  • Notable clothes degradation system - Girl's costumes are destroyed little by little when attacked by monsters. Each arm, chest, and waist area is durable, and when they are attacked and have no durability, the skin of the girls is exposed. The uniform is bound to destroyed, including armor and lobes, and the underwear and bra are also torn and completely destroyed if they are not durable
  • Make the enemy a colleague - Sometimes, besides monsters, you have to fight the girls of another world. Another world girls consider main character who use modern weapons as a menace to peace, just like monsters. and when they are defeated and resolve the misunderstanding, they become colleagues. Let's show the taste of the Rangers' traditional interrogation special session and make friends with girls from another world
  • 360-degree interrogation - The Rangers 'traditional training', Interrogation Training is to train girls by using a variety of ceremonies and items. We can support the "double interrogation" of two people as well as the "special inquiry" of one person interrogation training, and we can double our passion to use water guns, fish paste, and condensed milk items. You can also change your camera angle to see what you like. It is possible to identify the weaknesses of girls by using them
  • Kukoro Mode and the Interrogation Gallery - Depending on the combination of the girl being interrogated and the selected interrogation item, the "kukoro mode " is activated at the start of the interrogation. In "kukoro mode", the response of the girls being interrogated becomes more intense and the amount of recovery of the interrogation gauge is doubled.

Item Description

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest entry in the Bullet Girls series. It is an action shooting game where you control the girls of the “Ranger Club,” which is a school organization established with the purpose of defense training, and fight enemies one after the next. In this installment, the setting has changed from a school to a fantasy world, where you will fight against monsters like orcs and slimes that come at you in big numbers. Take on the challenge of using modern day weapons like rifles and shotguns.

For the first time in the series, the game will have Buddy characters that participate in battles to help the player, in contrast to Supporter characters that only worked behind the scenes in past games. There are situations where tanks are placed on the battlefield, which you can enter and control tanks to annihilate monsters. When the girls are attacked by monsters, their clothes will gradually be destroyed as they receive damage. The more the clothes are destroyed, the more damage is received for the same attacks.

The key feature in the series, ‘Interrogation Training’, is a mode where the player can tickle or slightly annoy the girls by simulating a situation in which they are caught by an enemy. You can use various interrogation items like water guns and condensed milk. The character’s mood changes and gives a different response depending on the item used in the interrogation.

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Another Great Game From D3
If you are a fan of D3 games (Earth Defense Force, Onechanbara, Samuraj Maiden, etc)., you’ll love this game. It’s super cheesy, but super fun! It’s a little inappropriate at times, I cannot and will not play this game in front of my kids, but it is a fun game. I wish they had made an option to turn off all the sexual innuendos, but I guess that’s part of the deal with this game! I had to wait a while for this game to be in stock, but it was well worth the wait.
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Nice girls with weapons.
The game is very fun, I didn't think I would like it that much, I hope one day they make remakes of the first games that came out for the PS Vita.
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One of the better games from D3
Wow, I do not know why I didn't get this game sooner. Sexy and giggly fun with guns! It has that Senran Kagura/Onee-chanbara style gameplay. Also has that SK character customization too. Graphics wise, the game is decent; definitely not a graphics powerhouse of game. Really wish it was 60fps on PS4 Pro/PS5. But for most people, the gameplay will definitely compensate for the graphical shortcomings alone. Love the characters; each of the characters is a type of girl for everyone out there.
I wish more games like this were made today on consoles. They still are, but they've been getting more prude and toned down since this game released. Samurai Maiden is a good game to play after this one, but it's definitely a bit more toned down than this game.
My final point is that to access any DLC, you gotta have a Hong Kong account which is kind of a pain, but the DLC isn't necessary to enjoy game fully. Most of the DLC are "costumes" and extra characters, according to the Japanese PSN page of the game.
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Great game
Is a good sexy shooter Game. Yes the background is emty but it gives worster ground games not to liked. The gameplay is top.
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Nice game.
The length is nice with 3 difficulty levels that offer new things to unlock. The gameplay is simple and fun with lots of weapons to choose from. The girls can be customized quite a lot and the story can be funny at times. I definitely recommend this game even though you can't buy DLC for it without a Hong Kong PSN account. I ended up double dipping when I saw this on discount because I also owned the PC version. I just wanted to be able to play it on console too.
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