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Butterflies that lead to nightmares: Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, Max Anarchy Original Soundtrack, Yamashita Tomohisa - Love Chase, 2pm, 2am Oneday - One Day & more!

Get closer to the tormented spirits. The Crimson Butterfly flutters back to the game world, bringing you endless horror.

The butterfly is revived after nine years, and the rites are about to start again. Pick up your spirit camera, and with a torch in your hand, head deeper into the night to discover the truth behind the twins sacrifice rites.

With the new system, you are further pulled into the world of ghosts. Beware of the deadly pale hand the reaches out of the hazy darkness for you. Pick up items to investigate them and open paper screen doors to withhold the visions of terror. Don't worry, your sister is always with you.

Until she is possessed.

The EU version of Shinku no Chou has arrived:

Project Zero 2: Wii EditionEUR N/Asold
Zero: Shinku no ChouJPN US$ 69.9924h

Everything is in chaos. The punch is all you can depend on. Oh, there is the music as well. Inaba Atsushi of Platina Games join forces with Sega to bring you the smashing fighter Max Anarchy.

Fitting the force and the power of this game, the developers ask famous composers from above and underground in the music scene to contribute their unique sounds.

Tre-Dot, Sick YG, Wonder Brown and Dilated Peoples add their sensational style to the album, and let's not forget about the in-house crew at Sega. The twin disc album contains all 32 tracks, it's the time to get your ears toughened up.

Feel the impact from every fight. Max Anarchy the Original Soundtrack opens the fighting season:

Max Anarchy Original Soundtrack (~Max Anarchy)JPN N/Asold

Yamshita Tomohisa takes everyone on a journey to find the perfect ingredients for an exotic meal. Announcing his departure from NEWS in 2011, he braves new challenges alone.

The adventurous spirit is what's contained in the song. The cyber trance sounds in the background provide a hint of metallic coolness. The strong beat portrays the sizzling energy.

Love Chase is the theme song for Toriko, an action adventure anime series that features a team of quirky cooks. Yamashita Tomohisa's charisma, slightly off beat sense of humour and his coolness fit the mood perfectly.

The CD+DVD Edition comes with the music video of Love Chase. The regular edition has the bonus track Kimi to Kaze to Mikazuki:

Love Chase (~Tomohisa Yamashita)JPN US$ 9.901w
Love Chase [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Tomohisa Yamashita)JPN N/Asold
Love Chase [Limited Edition Type B] (~Tomohisa Yamashita)JPN US$ 13.901w

The wild beasts and the gentlemen in the K-POP industry join together for Oneday. Before 2PM and 2 AM splits into two subgroups, they have been in one big boy band.

However, after years of time apart, both groups have matured in the unique styles they have established. So this meeting is not a mere coming together, they are joining hands to break new grounds.

See how the suaveness and the tough spirit melt together into a delicious combination. Spend Oneday with the boys, they have prepared excitement and heart melting moments for you. The CD+DVD Limited Edition comes with the Original and the Movie edition music video.

One Day (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 19.901w

Pick a boy to spend Oneday with:

One Day [Limited Edition Type C Nichkhun Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type D Taecyeon Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type E Wooyoung Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN N/Asold
One Day [Limited Edition Type F Junho Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type G Chansung Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type H Changmin Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type I Seulong Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type J Jo Kwon Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w
One Day [Limited Edition Type K Jinwoon Solo Jacket] (~2pm, 2am Oneday)JPN US$ 11.901w

Also available today:


Dead Island: Game of the Year EditionASIA N/Asold

PC Game

Battlefield 1942: World War II Anthology (Classics)EUR US$ 19.992-4w
Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (EA Classics) (DVD-ROM)EUR N/Asold
STCC: The Game (DVD-ROM)EUR N/Asold

New Music CD Arrivals

Amnesia Character CD Shin & TomaJPN US$ 27.901w
Battle SQ [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 29.991w
Beer SQ [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Heat [Limited Edition Type D] (~Kim Hyung Joong)JPN US$ 6.901w
Kuroko No Basuke / Kuroko's Basketball Original Drama CDJPN US$ 28.901w
Move Like This [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~W-inds.)JPN US$ 39.901w
Obscure Questions (~Pinocchio P Feat.Hatsune Miku)JPN US$ 24.991w
One Two Three / The Matenrou Show [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Morning Musume)JPN US$ 17.901w
Saki - Saki - Achiga Hen Episode Of Side-A Character Song Vol.3 (~Kuro Matsumi)JPN US$ 11.901w
Through Clarity (~Coldrain)JPN N/Asold


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