17. Oct, 2008 21:38 (HKT)

Cast your Dreams - Brand new games for a classic console: DUX & Wind and Water Puzzle on preorder for Dreamcast, plus Last Hope restock on its way

Innovation can be found everywhere. HUCAST and Yuan Works are two small game production groups that win large scale recognition amongst gamers for their innovative products.

Although their games are neither endorsed nor produced under the supervision of the Dreamcast's mother company Sega, it is widely accepted that the games from these two developers are produced to a professional level.

These are games by gamers for gamers.

Developed by HUCAST under the NG:DEV.TEAM of Last Hope fame, DUX is a 2D shooter that combines strategic gameplay with exhilarating shooting not completely unlike its predecessor.

Instead of orbiting satellites, control a cute and chic, pink and orange aircraft and shoot down all the opposing forces. Utilizing the graphical capabilities of the console, the game includes some smooth and vibrant movies that will surely stimulate your gaming appetites.

Although the tactical aspect is still present, it plays a smaller role than in Last Hope, making the system easier to master. Still, not everything depends on your reflexes and button punching skills, you also need an intact brain with adequate memory to carry yourself through this crisis.

If you are less inclined to open fire at your enemies, feel free to take them down in different ways. Shift the balance from adrenaline pumping to tactical skills in the brain twister Wind and Water Puzzle.

Originally designed for GP2X, this famous independent puzzle game has crossed borders and reached Sega's Dreamcast. Wind and Water does not only provide brain twisters, but comedic plot twists as well.

As a newbie game developer Amy, you are entrusted with the biggest challenge you have ever faced. You have to find the missing Yuan Works members and finish the Wind and Water Puzzle Arcade Version before the Grand Contest.

Twist both the blocks and your brain about as you seek ways to destroy obstacles in your path. Group same colored blocks together to make them disappear.

Besides reducing blocks, there are numerous other tasks that you have to accomplish before you can save the Yuan Works staff.

Try your hand at game making and ensure the future of Wind and Water, the Arcade release.

Besides the new shooter DUX, restock of its popular predecessor Last Hope is also expected to arrive just on time for the new releases.

Under the swarming attacks of the alien races, you are the last hope to human salvation. Your mission is as simple as this: Destroy the alien mothership before they destroy us.

Although the order is quite easily understood, its execution is a totally different matter. Ready your beam and satellite and all brain resources you can spare, as you will have to remember the architecture of the levels you travel through and, destroy all enemy crafts to succeed.

Reflex and brains, with these two, you will be able to take on anyone.

Here is the complete independent gaming lineup lineup available at Play-Asia.com.

DUX N/A sold
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles N/A sold
Last Hope N/A sold

Please be aware that these three games are not officially licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Sega. Compatibility issues with some Dreamcast™ consoles manufactured after October 2000 may occur.

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