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Chester One STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
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Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital
Chester One STEAM digital


  • Updated for HD displays
  • Almost 100 Achievements to achieve
  • Steam Trading Cards and Cloud Saves
  • 10+ Playable Characters with special attacks to level up
  • Simple elemental system keeps combat fun and exciting
  • 40 Levels of classic platforming action spread across 7 Planets
  • An amazing original soundtrack with 20+ tracks by Reina Lamour
  • Unlock nearly 100 Bestiary pages to learn about the weird world of Chester
  • 10+ Gameplay Changing ArtStyles to switch up the look of the entire world around you


A love letter to classic platforming action and 90s animation oddness. Eat magical candies to change the art of the world around you as you fight through 40 levels unlocking new Chesters, battling strange baddies, finding secret secrets, and reclaiming your cupcakes!

Control the style of the world! Over 10 game-changing styles to unlock! Eat magical candies you find floating about to change the look of the entire world around you! As you progress through Chester One you'll unlock more magical Style Candiesthat you can eat. Each style of candy changes gameplay up in unique ways.

That's a lotta character! Over 10 unique characters to unlock! You won't just be unlocking new Styles as you play, but completely new Chesters to play as well! With The Bad Guy destroying realities as he did, Chesters from other universes can help Chester out on his quest. Unlockable Chesters range from classy gentlemen to tanks, and spaceships, and weird slug things.

Featuring an amazing20+ Songsoundtrack byReinaLamourOver 20 original songs that capture the fun quirkiness of classic video game music with a modern vibe that will keep you grooving through all 40 levels.

Now with almost 100 Achievements! Just shy of 100 Achievements broken up into multiple categories ranging from standard progression and collect-o-thon achievements to extreme challenges, unnecessary stat tracking, and more!

Rock Paper Scissors style elemental system! Every Chester and enemy you encounter is either a FIRE, WATER, or GRASS elemental, forcing you to react quickly to make sure you’re using the right Chester for the murder job.

Learn about the weird world of Chester! Every Chester, enemy, style, and item in the game has an unlockable Bestiary page that gives you a small glimpse into the world of Chester.

What's new in Chester One? Chester One is an enhanced version of the original game, featuring Steam integration (Trading Cards, Achievements, Cloud Saves), enhanced graphical features, improved keyboard controls, rebalanced gameplay, and more.

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