21. Apr, 2005 20:32 (HKT)

Classic gaming news: Brand new and preowned classics for all collectors and fans Vol. 12 (updated frequently)

We have once again located another few hundred new and restocked classic gaming products, which are already in our stock right now but still need to be added to our product pages. In this news update you will find a frequent summary of all classical titles which were added to our site. Availability is subject to frequent changes and fast decisions are recommended as we occasionally have only a very few copies of those titles that are listed below.

In case a title is already listed as sold out, we recommend you to subscribe to our personal agent on the item's product page. We are monitoring your subscription and try to restock the title as far as possible. Once the game is back in stock, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification from us.

Further, if you are looking for any title that is not listed on our website yet, you are always welcome to contact our customer service with your request. We will try our best to track down the requested title and add them to our website with one of our next major updates.

Product additions from April 21st, 2005

Today we received a huge shipment of restocks and new products. In this news we show an overview of all restocks. New products will be added during the coming days and weeks.

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  • MegaDrive™, MegaCD™ & Super32X™
  • PC-Engine™ & Nintendo 64™
  • NeoGeo™ AES, CD & Pocket
  • Virtua Boy™, GameGear™ & GameBoy™ Color
  • PlayStation2™ & Gamecube™

    Aero Dancing i [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Air [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Akihabara Dennou Kumi Peta Pies! [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Bakuretsu Muteki BangaiohJPN US$ 109.90
    Berserk [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    BioHazard 2 (Value Plus) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Border Down [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Choukousenki Kikaioh [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Cool Cool Toon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Cosmic Smash [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Dancing Blade: Katte ni Momo Tenshi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Dancing Blade II: Tears of Eden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Dead or Alive 2 [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Death Crimson 2 (Messe Sanoh Gun Set) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 89.90
    First Kiss * Monogatari 2 [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Fushigi Dungeon - Furai no Shiren Gaiden: Onnakenshi Asuka Kenzan [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Guilty Gear X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Giga Wing [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Giga Wing 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Godzilla Generation Maximum Impact [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Gunbird 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Heavy Metal: Geo Matrix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Hundred Swords [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    IkarugaJPN US$ 79.90
    Macross M3 [Limited Box] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Mars Matrix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Marvel vs. Capcom [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Mr. Driller [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Musapey's Choco Marker [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Pop'n Music [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Pop'n Music 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Pop'n Music 4 Append Disc [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Power Stone 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Puyo Puyo~n [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Rainbow Cotton [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Revive... Sosei [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Revive... Sosei [Special Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Rez [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Sakura Wars Columns 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Sakura Taisen 4 [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Samba de Amigo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Seaman (w/ Microphone) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Seaman (w/ Microphone and VMU) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Sega Tetris [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Segagaga (Dreamcast Direct Release) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Segagaga [Dreamcast Direct Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 129.90
    Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Space Channel 5 Part 2 [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 149.90
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Street Fighter III: W Impact [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Street Fighter Zero 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Sunrise Heroes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Super Hero Retsuden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Super Puzzle Fighter II X (for Matching Service) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Super Runabout [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    The King of Fighters '99 Evolution [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    The King of Fighters '99 Evolution (SNK Best) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    The Last Blade 2: Final Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    The Typing of the Dead [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Tokyo Bus Guide: Bijin Bug Guide Tenjou Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Twinkle Star Sprites [pre-owned]JPN US$ 89.90
    US Shenmue [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Virtua Fighter 3tb (1st Print) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Zombie Revenge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90

    Dreamcast Console - BioHazard Special Edition Bundle red version (Japanese version) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 449.90
    Dreamcast Console - Hello Kitty Special Edition Bundle pink version (Japanese version) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 199.90
    Dreamcast Console - Regulation 7 Bundle (Japanese version) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 249.90
    Dreamcast Console - Sakura Wars Special Edition Bundle (Japanese version) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 299.90

    Sega Saturn™:
    Advanced V.G. [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Advanced V.G. [Giant Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Airs Adventure [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Assault Suit Leynos 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Astra Superstars [pre-owned]JPN US$ 119.90
    Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Batsugun [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Battle Garegga [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Bomberman SS [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Bubble Symphony [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Bulk Slash [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Burning Rangers [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Capcom Generation 4 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Cotton Boomerang [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness (Limited Edition) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Dungeons & Dragons Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 124.90
    Darius Gaiden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Daytona USA [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Dead or Alive [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    DecAthlete [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Digital Dance Mix: Namie Amuro [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    DoDonPachi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    DonPachi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Elevator Action Returns [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Neon Genesis Evangelion [pre-owned]JPN US$ 12.90
    Fatal Fury 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Final Fight Revenge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Gals Panic SS [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Gekirindan: Time Travel Shooting [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Golden Axe: The Duel [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Gradius Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Groove On Fight [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Groove On Fight (w/ 1MB RAM) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Guardian Heroes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Gun Frontier (Arcade Guys) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Gunbird [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    In The Hunt / Kaitei Daisensou [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with Me [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Keio Yugekitai [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Kingdom Grandprix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Koutetsu Reiiki: Steeldom (with Link Cable) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Langrisser: Dramatic Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Langrisser V: The End of Legend [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Layer Section [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Lunar: Silver Star Story [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (w/4MB Ram Cart) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Marvel Super Heroes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Metal Black [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Metal Slug [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Metal Slug (w/1MB RAM Cart) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 114.90
    NiGHTS into dreams... [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Panzer Dragoon II Zwei [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Panzer Dragoon Saga [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Policenauts [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Princess Crown [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90
    Rabbit [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (w/ 1MB RAM) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    RockMan X3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Samurai Spirits III: Zankuro Musouken (w/1MB RAM) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Saturn Joypad HSS-0101 [pre-owned] US$ 34.90
    Sega Ages: After Burner II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Sega Ages: Fantasy Zone [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Sega Rally Championship [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Sega Saturn Console - HST-0001 grey [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Sengoku Blade / Sengoku Ace Episode II / Tengai [pre-owned]JPN US$ 89.90
    Sexy Parodius [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Shining Force III Scenario 1JPN US$ 24.90
    Shinrei Jusaishi Taroumaru [pre-owned]JPN US$ 299.90
    Shienryu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Shining Wisdom [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Silhouette Mirage [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Slayers Royal 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Snatcher [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Soukyugurentai [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Soukyugurentai Otokuyo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Sol Divide [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Sonic Council [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Sonic R [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Space Harrier [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Steam Hearts [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Street Fighter Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Street Fighter Zero 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Strikers 1945 II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Super Puzzle Fighter II X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Tenchi O Kurau II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    The House of the Dead [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    The King of Fighters '95 + '96 [Limited Edition w/ 1MB RAM Cart] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    The King of Fighters '96 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    The King of Fighters '97 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    The King of Fighters Best Collection [w/ 1MB RAM Cart] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Thunder Force Gold Pack 1 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Thunder Force V (Special Pack) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 114.90
    Thor [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Twinkle Star Sprites [pre-owned]JPN US$ 84.90
    Vampire Savior [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Vampire Savior (w/4MB RAM Cart) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    VCD Card [pre-owned] US$ 49.90
    Virtua Fighter Kids (Java Tea Edition) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Virtua Fighter Remix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Virtua Cop [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90
    Virtua Cop Special Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    WachenröderJPN US$ 34.90
    Waku Waku 7 (w/1MB RAM) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Wolf Fang: Koukiba 2001 SS [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    X-Men: Children of the Atom [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90

    BioHazard 3: Last Escape [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Dancing Blade: Katten Momotenshi II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Dragon Ball Z: Legends [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Detana TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    DoDonPachi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90
    Dragon Knight 4 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Dragon Quest IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Final Fantasy VII International [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Final Fantasy IX [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Final Fantasy VII [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Final Fantasy VIII [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Final Fantasy Tactics [Square Millennium Collection Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Front Mission 3 [Square Millennium Collection Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Galaxian^3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Ghost in the Shell [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Gran Turismo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Growlanser Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 119.90
    Guitar Freaks [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    In the Hunt [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Macross: Do You Remember Love [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Metal Gear Solid [Premium Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Panzer Front bis. [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    PaRappa The Rapper [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [Deluxe Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Persona 2: Tsumi (Innocent Sin) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Pop'n Music [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Pop'n Music 6 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    R-Type Delta [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    R-Types [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Raiden Project [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    RayCrisis: Series Termination [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    RockMan Collection Special Bundle [pre-owned]JPN US$ 149.90
    Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Samurai Spirits RPG [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Sexy Parodius [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Shin Megami Tensei if... [Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Silent Hill [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Snatcher [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Soul Edge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Star Gladiator: Episode 1: Final Crusade [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Street Fighter Zero [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Strider Hiryu 1&2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Tenchu Shinobi-Gaisen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    The King of Fighters '97 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Valkyrie Profile [Limited Deluxe Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 149.90
    Vampire Savior EX Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Xenogears [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition [Square Millennium Collection Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Zanac X Zanac [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90
    Zill O' II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90

    Super Famicom™:
    Akumajo Dracula XX [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Bahamut Lagoon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Chrono Trigger [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Demon's Blazon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Dragon Quest I & II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Dragon Quest III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Dragon Quest V [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    ElfariaJPN US$ 19.90
    Final Fantasy IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Final Fantasy V [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Final Fight 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Gradius III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Live A Live [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Magical Quest 2 starring Mickey & Minnie [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey and Donald [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Mother 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Parodius Da! [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    RockMan & Forte [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    RockMan 7 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    RockMan X2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Seiken Densetsu 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Seiken Densetsu 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Star Fox [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Star Ocean [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Super Mario Kart [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Super Mario RPG [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Super Metroid [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Super R-Type [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Super Variable Geo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90

    Mega Drive™:
    Bad Omen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Bare Knuckle [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Bare Knuckle II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Bare Knuckle III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Crude Buster [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Dynamite Headdy [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Gain Ground [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Golden Axe III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Gynoug [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Herzog Zwei [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    LandStalker [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    Mortal Kombat II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Musha Aleste [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Phantasy Star III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Rocket Knight Adventures [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Strider [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    The Super Shinobi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Thunder Force II MD [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Thunder Force III [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Thunder Force IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of the Shredder [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    ToeJam & Earl [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90
    Wonder Boy in Monster World IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90

    Lunar: Silver Star [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Sonic the Hedgehog CD [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90

    After Burner Complete [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90

    1943 Kai (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Aero Blasters (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 159.90
    Bomberman '94 (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Choaniki (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Galaga '88 (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90
    R-Type Complete CD (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    R-Type II (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Soldier Blade (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    Spriggan Mark 2 (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Star Parodier (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Steam Hearts (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90
    Winds of Thunder (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90

    Nintendo 64™:
    Densha de Go! 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Densha de Go! 64 (Driver Pack) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Excite Bike 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    F-Zero X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Ganbare Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Mario Kart 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Mario Party [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90
    Rakuga Kids [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Shindou Super Mario 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    SimCity 2000 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90
    Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90

    NeoGeo CD™:
    Crossed Swords 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90
    Samurai Spirits [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Sonic Wings 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    The Last Blade 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Top Hunter [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90

    NeoGeo AES™:
    NeoGeo Memory Card NEO-IC8 [pre-owned] US$ 39.90
    Samurai Spirits III: Zankuro Musouken [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    SNK vs. Capcom ChaosJPN US$ 299.90

    NeoGeo Pocket™:
    Big Bang Pro Wrestling [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Densha de Go! 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    Gals Fighters [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90
    Ganbare Neo Poke Kun [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90
    RockMan Battle & Fighters [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90
    Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90

    Virtual Boy™:
    Insmouse No YakataJPN US$ 74.90
    Jack Bros.JPN US$ 49.90
    Mario ClashJPN US$ 49.90
    Panic Bomber [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Space SquashJPN US$ 59.90
    T&E Virtual Golf [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90
    Virtual FishingJPN US$ 49.90
    Wario LandJPN US$ 99.90

    Bare Knuckle [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90
    Shining Force Gaiden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Sonic the Hedgehog [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90

    GameBoy Color™:
    R-Type DXJPN US$ 29.90

    beatmania IIDX 3rd Style [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90
    beatmania IIDX 5th Style: New Songs Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix & DrumMania 2nd Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Limited Edition) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 89.90
    Psyvariar: Complete Edition (Special Capture Box) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90
    Rez [Limited Edition w/ Trance Vibrator] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90
    Unlimited SaGa [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90
    Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders [Premium Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90

    Tower of Druaga [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90

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