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Classic gaming news: Brand new and preowned classics for all collectors and fans Vol. 19 (updated frequently)

In these classic gaming news updates you will find a frequent summary of all classical titles which were added to our site. Availability is subject to frequent changes and fast decisions are recommended as we usually have only very few copies of those titles that are listed below. As always we are trying to expand our catalouge regularly.

In case a title is already listed as sold out, we recommend you to subscribe to our Personal Agent on the item's product page. We are monitoring your subscription and try to restock the title as far as possible. Once the game is back in stock, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification from us.

Further, if you are looking for any title that is not listed on our website yet, you are always welcome to contact our customer service with your request. We will try our best to track down the requested title and add them to our website with one of our next major updates.

Product additions from August 26th, 2005

The last items of our most recent shipment have been added before the weekend including 40 PC-Engine™ HuCard games. Our next general classic gaming restock is expected in a couple of weeks. As some of you probably have seen already we started to discount selected classic games recently. In the future, all discounted new & preowned classic games will be listed in a special classic gaming discount news. Be sure to check regularly for some nice bargains. As with all classic games stock is always very limited.

PC Engine™:
Atomic Robo Kid Special (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Ballistix (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Beri Beri Densetsu (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Cyber Combat Police (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Die Hard (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Drop Rock Hora Hora (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
F1 Triple Battle (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Fire ProWrestling 2nd Bout (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Formation Soccer on J-League (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Formation Soccer: Human Cup'90 (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Ganbare! Golf Boys (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Hit the Ice (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
J-League Greatest Eleven (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
King of Casino (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Legendary Axe (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Mahjong Haouden: Kaiser's Quest (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Makai Prince Dorabocchan (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Momo Tarou Densetsu Gaiden (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Momo Tarou Densetsu II (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Momo Tarou Densetsu Turbo (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Monster Pro Wrestling (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
NHK Taiga Drama Taiheki (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Naxat Stadium (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Pac-Land (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Power Eleven (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90 sold
Power League (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Power League II (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Power Sports (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Psycho Chaser (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
RyuKyu (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Sengoku Mahjong (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 9.90 sold
Spiral Wave (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Stratego (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Super Momo Tarou Densetsu (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
TV Sports Football (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Toilet Kids (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Toshi Tensou Keikaku: Eternal City (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Wallaby!! (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
YouYou Jinsei (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold

Product additions from August 24th, 2005

Today the promised update with the first part of our PC Engine™ additions. In total nearly 70 new titles including some really rare ones. In the next days the last missing games will be added which consist of only PC-Engine™ HuCard games.

PC Engine™:
3x3 Eyes: Sanjiyan Hensei (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Altered Beast (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 39.90 1w
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another World (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Auto Crusher Palladium (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Avenger (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Babel (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Basted (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Brandish (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Break In (HuCard)JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Burai II: Yami Koutei no Gyakushuu (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Chikudenya Toubee (HuCard)JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Cosmic Fantasy 2: Bouken Shounen Ban (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Cyber Cross (HuCard)JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Download 2 (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 39.90 1-5d
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Goku Densetsu (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Den (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 24.90 1-5d
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Den (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Final Zone II (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 29.90 1-5d
Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie A (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
GS Mikami (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Gambler Jikochuushinha Mahjong Puzzle Collection (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Gate of Thunder (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Gensou Tairiku Auleria (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Götzendiener (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 29.90 1-2w
Hatsukoi Monogatari (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Hot Blooded High School Soccer (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Human Sports Festival (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Iga Ninden Gaiou (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Image Fight II (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
J-League Tremendous Soccer '94 (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
J.B. Harold Series=1 Murder Club (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold

Jantei Monogatari 3: Saber Angel (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Kagami no Kuni no Legend (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Kisou Louga (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Mahjong Clinic Special (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Mahjong Lemon Angel (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki Yobigoe (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Mateki Densetsu Astralius (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Megami Paradise (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Megami Paradise (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Mitsubachi Gakuen (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Neo Nectaris (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Ninja Warriors (HuCard)JPN US$ 39.90 1w
Pachiokun 3: Pachi-Slot & Pachinko (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Pastel Lime (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Patlabor: Chaptor of Griffon (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Princess Minerva (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Private Eyedol (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Puyo Puyo CD (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Record of Lodoss War (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Sengoku Kantou Sangokushi (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Sexy Idol Mahjong (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Sexy Idol Mahjong Fashion Monogatori (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Shanghai (HuCard)JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Shogi Shodan Icchokusen (HuCard)JPN US$ 19.90 1w
Startling Odyssey II (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super Raiden (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
The Atlas: Renaissance Voyager (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
The Legend of Xanadu (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Top o Nerae ! Gun Buster Vol.2 (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Ultrabox Vol.6 (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Valis III: The Fantasm Soldier (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Vanilla Syndrome (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Ys I + II (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold

Product additions from August 16th, 2005

In this update you'll find around 50 new additions to our classic gaming category. Again a nice mix of games for different systems. The next and last update of our most recent shipment will include only PC-Engine™ games. A total of nearly one hundred different titles!

Nintendo 64™:
Akumajo Dracula Mokushiroku: Legend of Cornell [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Choro Q 64 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Donkey Kong 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Extreme-G 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
F-1 World Grand Prix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
GoldenEye 007 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Hamster Monogatari 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Haruka Naru Augusta Masters '98 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Hybrid Heaven [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Jikkyou GI Stable [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Onegai Monster [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Uchhannanchan no Honoo no Challenge: Denryuu IraIra Bou [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold

Super Famicom™:
Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Dragon Ball Z Super Saiya Legend [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Dragon Knight 4 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Hokuto no Ken 5 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Soul Blader [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Super Power League 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 4.90 sold
Super Power League 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 4.90 sold
Super Power League 4 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 4.90 sold
Super Power League [pre-owned]JPN US$ 4.90 sold

Sega Saturn™:
Creature Shock [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
EVE: Burst Terror [Premium Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise! [Special Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Liquid Kids [pre-owned]JPN US$ 84.90 sold
Mahjong Kuru Jidai: Cebu Island '96 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Sega Saturn Console - Skeleton-Saturn HST-0021 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Transport Tycoon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Collection Premium Disc [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold

Bishi Bashi Special 2 (Konami the Best) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Breath of Fire IV [Special Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Ganbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Horned Owl [Limited Edition w/ Light Gun] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Mobile Suit Gundam Version 2.0 [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Speed King [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Time Crisis [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold

Dreamcast Visual Memory Card (Capcom Design) [pre-owned] US$ 49.90 sold
Eve Zero: The Ark of the Matter [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Memories Off Complete [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Vermilion Desert [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
NeoGeo CD™:
Crossed Swords [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
NeoGeo-CD Joystick New Style [pre-owned] US$ 49.90 sold
Sengoku 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Viewpoint [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold

Product additions from August 12th, 2005

Quick update before the weekend. Around 25 games have been added today. Mainly GameBoy™/Color games but as well a couple of nice Mega CD™ ones.

Game Boy™:
Captain Tsubasa J [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Contra [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
F-1 RaceJPN US$ 9.90 sold
Game Boy Pocket Console - black US$ 29.90 sold
Mini-Yonku GB: Let's and Go!! [Tin Box]JPN US$ 9.90 sold
Monster Maker: Barcode SagaJPN US$ 9.90 sold
RockMan World [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super B-Daman Fighting Phoenix [Tin Box]JPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Super Donkey Kong GB [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Wizardry: The First Episode ~Suffering of the Queen~JPN US$ 14.90 sold

Gamy Boy Color™:
B.B-Daman Baku GaidenJPN US$ 9.90 sold
Bardi GunJPN US$ 9.90 sold
Bikkuri Man 2000 Challenge Card GBJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Choro-Q HyperJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Game Boy Color Console - clear orange US$ 39.90 sold
Grand DuelJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
RockMan X2: Soul Eraser [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold

Mega CD™:
Black Hole Assault [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Detonator Organ [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Gambler Jiko Chuushinha 2: Struggle in the Tokyo Mahjongland [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Heavenly Symphony: Formula One World Championship 1993 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
The Ninja Warriors (incl. Special CD Sampler) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Thunder Storm FX [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold

Product additions from August 10th, 2005

Our first batch of new classic games has been added. Totaly around 50 different games. Expect around 175 more in the coming days and weeks.

Sega Saturn™:
Chase H.Q. Special: Police S.C.I. [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Cleopatra Fortune [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
FEDA Remake: Emblem of Justice [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
GunGriffon: The Eurasian ConflictJPN US$ 24.90 1-5d
Magical HoppersJPN US$ 24.90 sold
Panzer Dragoon II ZweiJPN US$ 29.90 sold
PolicenautsJPN US$ 39.90 sold
RabbitJPN US$ 54.90 sold
Real Bout Fatal Fury SpecialJPN US$ 39.90 sold
RockMan X3JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Roommate 3: Suzuko Kaze no Kagayaku AsaniJPN US$ 19.90 1w
Sol DivideJPN US$ 54.90 sold
ThorJPN US$ 29.90 sold
Thunder Force V (Saturn Collection) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold

Dogu Senki ~Haoh~ [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes [Premium Disc] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Sakura Taisen 3 [Limited Edition A] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Sakura Taisen 3 [Limited Edition B] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
The King of Fighters 2002 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Mega Drive™:
Phantasy Star II: Kare Razaru Toki no Owari Warini [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Undead Line [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Game Gear™:
Columns [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
G-Sonic [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Wonder Boy in Monster World II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold

Double EdgeJPN US$ 19.90 1-5d
Genso Suikoden II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Goo Goo Soundy [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
beatmania Append 5th Mix: Time to Get DownJPN US$ 39.90 sold
Final Fantasy X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice [Deluxe Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time [Deluxe Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold

GameBoy Advance™:
Boktai [Special Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Castlevania: Gyougetsu no Enbukyoku [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Picchi Pichi Pichitto Live Start [pre-owned]JPN US$ 84.90 sold
GameBoy Color™:
RockMan X: Cyber Mission [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
RockMan 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Super Famicom™:
Ganbare Goemon 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
PC Genjin [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Virtual Boy™:
Mario's TennisJPN US$ 34.90 1-5d

NeoGeo CD™:
Kabuki Klash [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Detective Ladies [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Tonari no Princess RolfeeJPN US$ 34.90 1-5d
Voice Paradise [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Battle Ace (SuperGrafx)JPN US$ 34.90 1w
Splatterhouse (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold

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