05. Dec, 2005 17:45 (HKT)

Classic gaming news: Brand new and preowned classics for all collectors and fans Vol. 24 (updated frequently)

In these classic gaming news updates you will find a frequent summary of all classical titles which were added to our site. Availability is subject to frequent changes and fast decisions are recommended as we usually have only very few copies of those titles that are listed below. As always we are trying to expand our catalouge regularly.

In case a title is already listed as sold out, we recommend you to subscribe to our Personal Agent on the item's product page. We are monitoring your subscription and try to restock the title as far as possible. Once the game is back in stock, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification from us.

Further, if you are looking for any title that is not listed on our website yet, you are always welcome to contact our customer service with your request. We will try our best to track down the requested title and add them to our website with one of our next major updates.

If you are interested in Classic Games, and you wouldn't read this otherwise, we know you are interested in The Encyclopedia of Game.Machines. Covering 33 years of video games history on 224 full colour pages. Ships within 24hrs as well and makes a good addon to an order of any classic game.

Product additions from December 5th, 2005

Today a round up of the rest of our restocks. Totally around 260 different titles for all remaining systems. Additionally expect another couple of updates during the next 2-3 weeks with around 300 additions for all systems to our classic gaming categories.

3x3 Eyes [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Ace Combat [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Angel Graffiti [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Ascii Pad FT2 - Capcom Version [pre-owned] US$ 29.90 sold
BioHazard 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
BioHazard 3: Last Escape [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
BioHazard: Director's Cut - Dual Shock Ver. [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
BioHazard: Director's Cut [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
BioHazard: Gun Survivor [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Brave Fencer Musashiden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Bushido Blade [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution 5th MixJPN US$ 64.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Dance Dance Revolution [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Dead or Alive [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Detana TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
DoDonPachi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90 sold
Dragon Quest IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Final Fantasy Collection [Anniversary Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90 sold
Final Fantasy IX [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Final Fantasy Tactics [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Final Fantasy VII International [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
Final Fantasy VII [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Final Fantasy VIII [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Galaxian^3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Ganbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Genso Suiko Gaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Getter Robo Daikessen! [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Ghost in the Shell [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Gradius Deluxe Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Gradius Gaiden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Gran Turismo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Guitar Freaks Append 2nd Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Gunbird [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Gunners Heaven [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Gunnm: Martian Memory [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Harmful Park [pre-owned]JPN US$ 89.90 sold
Image Fight & X-Multiply [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with Me [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: Game Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Langrisser I & II [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Macross: Do You Remember Love [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
PaRappa The Rapper [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Panzer Front bis. [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [Deluxe Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Pop'n Music 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Pop'n Music 5 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Pop'n Music [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
R-Type Delta [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Rage Racer [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Ridge Racer Revolution [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
RockMan Collection Special Bundle [pre-owned]JPN US$ 149.90 sold
Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Samurai Spirits: Fencing Pack [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Sexy Parodius [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Shin Megami Tensei [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Shin Megami Tensei if... [Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Silent Hill [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Snatcher [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Soul EdgeJPN US$ 39.90 sold
Soul Edge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Star Gladiator: Episode 1: Final Crusade [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Street Fighter Zero [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Strider Hiryu 1&2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Super Puzzle Fighter II X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super Robot Taisen Alpha [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Tales of Destiny [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Tales of Eternia [Premium Box] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Tales of Phantasia [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Tenchu Shinobi-Gaisen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Tenchu Shinobi-Hyakusen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
The King Of Fighters '95 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
The King of Fighters '96 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
The King of Fighters '99 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
The Last Blade (SNK Best Collection) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Tobal 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
TwinBee RPG [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Vagrant Story [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Valkyrie Profile [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Wipeout XL [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Wolf Fang [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX Edition [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Xenogears [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition [Square Millennium Collection Special Pack] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Zanac X Zanac [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
beatmania [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
serial experiments lain [pre-owned]JPN US$ 94.90 sold
PlayStation 2™:
Anubis: Zone of the Enders Special Edition [Limited Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
Beatmania IIDX 4th Style: New Songs Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Final Fantasy X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
GitaDora! Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix & DrumMania 2nd Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
GitaDora! Guitar Freaks 4th Mix & DrumMania 3rd Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
KeyboardMania II: 2nd Mix & 3rd Mix [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Limited Edition) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Psyvariar: Complete Edition (Special Capture Box) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Psyvariar: Complete Edition (Special Sound Box) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Rez [Limited Edition w/ Trance Vibrator] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
The Train Simulator Real: Yamanote Sen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders [Premium Package] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
beatmania IIDX 3rd Style [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
beatmania IIDX 6th Style: New Songs Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold

Super Famicom™:
3x3 Eyes: Sazanaizu Seimakourinden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Akumajo Dracula XX [pre-owned]JPN US$ 69.90 sold
Area 88 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Axelay [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Choujikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Demon's Blazon [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Dragon Quest V [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
F-Zero [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Final Fantasy VI [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Final Fight 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Final Fight Guy [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Final Fight [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Front Mission Gun Hazard [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Magic Knight Rayearth [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Mortal Kombat [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Pop'n Twinbee [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Ranma ½: Chougi Ranbu Hen [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
RockMan & Forte [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
RockMan X3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Soul Blader [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Star Fox [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Street Fighter II Turbo [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Street Fighter II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Street Fighter Zero 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super Castlevania IV [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Super Mario Kart [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super Mario RPG [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Super Picross [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Super R-Type [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Super Star Wars [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Tenchi o Kurau: San Kuni Shi Gunyuuden [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Treasure Hunter G [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Akumajo Densetsu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Famicom Console - AV Version [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Final Fantasy I & II [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold

Nintendo 64™:
1080 Snowboarding [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Akumajo Dracula Mokushi Hashumi [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Akumajo Dracula Mokushiroku: Legend of Cornell [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
BioHazard 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
F-Zero X [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Ganbare Goemon: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
GoldenEye 007 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Mario Kart 64 (Special Edition w/ black joypad) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Shindou Wave Race 64 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Wonder Project J2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Yoshi's Story [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Biohazard Collector's Box [pre-owned]JPN US$ 399.00 sold
Captain Tsubasa: Golden Generation Challenge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Game Cube Controller - Club Nintendo Original Design [pre-owned] US$ 49.90 sold
Groove Adventure Rave: Fighting Live [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Hudson Selection Vol. 3: PC Genjin [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold

GameBoy Advance™:
Azumanga Daioh [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Boktai [Special Edition] [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Darius R [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Elevator Action Old & New [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Gradius Generation [pre-owned]JPN US$ 64.90 sold
Hikaru no Go 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Love Hina Advance [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
RockMan Zero 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
RockMan Zero [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
GameBoy Color™:
Game Boy Color Console - CardCaptor Sakura Special Edition [pre-owned] US$ 69.90 sold
RockMan X: Cyber Mission [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Game Boy Pocket Console - green [pre-owned] US$ 29.90 sold
Pocket Monsters Midori (Green)JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Pocket Monsters Midori (Green) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Super Mario Land [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Virtual Boy™:
Jack Bros.JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Mario's TennisJPN US$ 44.90 1-5d

1941: Counter Attack (SuperGrafx) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 124.90 sold
Advanced V.G. (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Adventure Island (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
After Burner II (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Ai Choaniki (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 49.90 1w
Ai Choaniki (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 159.90 sold
Alien Crush (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Cadash (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Chikudenya Toubee (HuCard)JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Choaniki (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Devil Crash (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Goku Densetsu (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Efera & Jiliora (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Den (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Final Lap Twin (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Genocide (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Godzilla: Fierce Legend Of Blasting (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Gunhed (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Götzendiener (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 29.90 1-2w
Image Fight II (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Jantei Monogatari 3: Saber Angel (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Maniac Pro Wrestling (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
Ordyne (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Pac-Land (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Power Drift (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Quiz Marugoto The World (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 14.90 sold
R-Type Complete CD (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Raiden (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Rainbow Islands (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 79.90 sold
Sexy Idol Mahjong (Super CD-ROM²)JPN US$ 34.90 1-5d
Shin Megami Tensei (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Side Arms (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Sol Bianca (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Soldier Blade (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Sugoroku '92 Nari Tore Nariagari Trendy (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 19.90 sold
Summer Carnival '93: Nexzr Special (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 74.90 sold
Super Raiden (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Tenchi Muyou! (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Tower of Druaga (HuCard) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Valis III: The Fantasm Soldier (CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold
Winds of Thunder (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Yuu Yuu Hakusho Yamishoubu!! (Super CD-ROM²) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold

NeoGeo CD™:
Fatal Fury 3 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
Fatal Fury [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Ghost Pilots [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Last Resort [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Metal Slug 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 99.90 sold
Mutation NationJPN US$ 49.90 sold
Neo Drift Out [pre-owned]JPN US$ 109.90 sold
Oshidashi Zintrick [pre-owned]JPN US$ 84.90 sold
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
Real Bout Fatal Fury [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
The King of Fighters '94 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 24.90 sold
The King of Fighters '96 Neo-Geo Collection [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
The King of Fighters '96 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 29.90 sold
The Last Blade [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
World Heroes Perfect [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
NeoGeo Pocket™:
Metal Slug: 1st Mission (NGP Best Collection) [pre-owned]JPN US$ 49.90 sold
Neo Poke Pro Yakyu [pre-owned]JPN US$ 44.90 sold
Pocketlove ~if [pre-owned]JPN US$ 39.90 sold
RockMan Battle & Fighters [pre-owned]JPN US$ 84.90 sold
The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise [pre-owned]JPN US$ 59.90 sold
Arc the Lad [pre-owned]JPN US$ 54.90 sold
Guilty Gear Petit 2 [pre-owned]JPN US$ 34.90 sold

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