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Click and Capture! 360 Polaroid and HTC cameras

HTC RE Camera + Polaroid R360 Camera - Ships in 1-5 days.
With many channels, websites and companies supporting 360 content, including Facebook and YouTube, join the growing trend with the most affordable 360 degreee camera around, with 720 degree Panoramic spherical viewing.  Or try a wide lens, simple point and shoot with a below 1 metre waterproof option!  
Both pocket sized, simple to use, lightweight, compact and wifi connected - click and capture!!

The Polaroid R360 Camera - comes with special a duel lens design which is thinner and produces better image quality. It contains a 210 degree fisheye lens, 2 x 360 degreee shooting and no dead angles.  With the 210 degree dual fishey lens the camera can support 2 x 360 degree shooting, horizontal or verticle angles for the ultiate full viewing camera. 
Polaroid R360 360 Digital CameraUS$ 179.99 1-5d

Specifications + Capabilities:-
  • Wifi connection.
  • 720 degree Panoramic Speherical viewing.
  • Dual lens with 8 layers defination treatment, clear high quality imaging.
  • Pocket sized.
  • Aperature: f/2.4
  • Photo resolution: 3040 x 1520.
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080@30fps.
  • Real time stitching.
  • Uses Micro SD memory cards up to 128GB.
  • One year warrantity.

The HTC RE Camera (Navy) - This very simple to use, point and click style camera allows for a different experience. Instead of looking through your normal phone screen, sizing and alligning the shot, with this product you point in the direction and click!  Part of the credit has to go to HTC's smartphone knowledge.  So no more watching while you record or worrying about framing, this makes life much easier and does it well.
HTC RE Camera (Navy) ()US$ 69.99 1-5d

With the large lens, an ultra wide f2.8 lens with an 146 degree angle of view, this compact lens makes this effortless with the 16 megapixel Sony-made CMOS sensor.  The sensor being bigger than almost all used in smartphones!  So with the lens so wide it means it is a an easy straight and shoot.  

Time lapses during rainstorms,  thunderstorms are not a problem with the optional waterproof cap which you can happily take 1 meter underwater! 

Fun and easy to use, this can be strapped to the bike handles, on your back pack while hiking for those long time lapse videos.  A handy tag along item to capture all of life's moment and share with the world.  Live stream allows video streaming directly on YouTube or remotely from the RE app.

Specifications + Capabilities:-

  • Display up to 30-minute videos, and post your live stream link to your social network.
  • Android devices running Android 4.3 to 6.0 with Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth 4.x (BLE equipped)
  • Apple devices running iOS 7 and 8 (including iPhone 4S and above)
  • Sensors: 16MP, 1/2.3" Sony CMOS sensor
  • Connectivity: BLE (Bluetooth v4.0); Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Wi-Fi Direct; 5-pin micro-USB; MicroSD Card Slot; Tripod Hole
  • Battery: 820mAh rechargeable battery; Supports 1hr 50mins of continuous FHD video recording. Memory: Expandable microSD storage.
  • Camera: 1080p, 30fps FHD video; 720p, 4x slow motion video; 146 degree super wide angle lens with f2.8 aperture for low light usability.
  • Size:26.5 mm diameter; 97.7 mm height
  • Weight: 66.5 grams.

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