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COD Black Ops Declassified Wi-Fi Model got a price-cut! with more news on Aoi Eir - Innocence, Mayu Watanabe - Hikarumonotachi, Girls' Generation - Flower Power & more!

Good news for everyone who has yet to own a PS Vita. The COD: Black Ops Declassified Wi-Fi console bundle versions just got a price-cut to US$ 299.90!.

From the publisher: Before the future could be won, history had to be written. Exposing that story exclusively on PlayStation Vita, COD: Black Ops Declassified explores original fiction in the COD Black Ops universe with an all-new campaign of Special Ops missions.

Optimized for gamers on-the-go, COD Black Ops: Declassified delivers the most intense handheld COD experience to date, including both Special Ops Story mode and Multiplayer combat tailored for the PS Vita.

Wi-Fi versions

PS Vita PlayStation Vita - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Wi-Fi Model (Black)ASIA N/Asold
PS Vita PlayStation Vita - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Wi-Fi Model (Black)US N/Asold

If you are a gamer who needs connection at any time and any place, please consider the 3G/Wi-Fi version:

PS Vita PlayStation Vita - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified 3G/Wi-Fi Model (Black)ASIA N/Asold

Her powerful and haunting voice rise once again. Aoi Eir has her big break last year when she released her debut single Memoria. She always manages to capture the passion and the mystery in the songs she sings.

After a summer of success, she has her encore live show in AniSama 2012 and is part of YUI's cover album She Loves You. Now, she comes back to the anime scene to perform Innocence, the opening theme of Sword Art Online. The immensely popular anime series is bringing viewers into the Fairy Dance chapter, and pulling the curtains apart is Aoi Eir.

The Limited Pressing Anime Edition comes with the no-credit version of the anime opening, and the CD+DVD Limited Edition comes with the Making-Of video clips of Innocence.

Innocence (~Aoi Eir)JPN US$ 19.991w
Innocence [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Eir Aoi)JPN N/Asold
Innocence [CD+DVD Limited Pressing Anime Edition] (~Eir Aoi)JPN N/Asold

2012 is a special year for Watanabe Mayu. She has always been one of the fastest rising stars in the AKB group, this year, she makes the leap. Besides singing and dancing with the girls in her team, she released a series of solo singles.

Her first single Synchro Tokimeki even took second place in the weekly Oricons chart. This autumn, she is releasing her third single, Hikarumonotachi, see how she combines her candy sweet style with the electrical beat. The third track Sayonara no Hashi is the theme song of the first anime that she voice acts for, and is also a song that nobody should miss.

Hikarumonotachi (~Mayu Watanabe)JPN US$ 11.901w
Hikarumonotachi [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Mayu Watanabe)JPN US$ 17.901w
Hikarumonotachi [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~Mayu Watanabe)JPN US$ 17.901w
Hikarumonotachi [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type C] (~Mayu Watanabe)JPN US$ 17.901w
Hikarumonotachi [Limited Edition] (~Mayu Watanabe)JPN N/Asold

Girls Generation is cementing their place in the J-Pop world by releasing their third original Japanese single. Flower Power is a sexy dance number. The baseline, the steady four beats and the alluring chorus lines are what set this song apart.

Through this single, they are establishing a cooler, more glamorous and mysterious image. The coupling song Beep Beep is just available in this single. Although the girls are preparing for their next album release, they left this song as an exclusive for Flower Power.

The Limited Edition comes with a photo book and the third track Girls Generation Smash Up II is the digest track of their upcoming album:

Flower Power [Limited Edition] (~Girls' Generation)JPN US$ 16.991w

From the publisher: Enjoy Rich Visuals Plus an Automatic Burst of Speed When You Need It. The most popular members of our Intel Core processor family, the Intel Core i3 processors deliver breathtaking efficiency with stunning visuals on your All-in-One or Standard PC, whether it's a laptop or desktop.

The Intel Core i3 processors include many technologies that deliver incredible PC and visual experiences for all of your favorite activities-whether you're creating, sharing, exploring, or gaming.

Intel Core i3-2120, 2x 3.30GHz, boxed N/Asold

Also available today:

Nintendo Wii

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoUS US$ 21.991-2w

Nintendo 3DS

Epic Mickey: The Power of IllusionUS US$ 27.991-2w

New Music Arrivals

Bigshow Bigbang Live Concert 2010 (~Bigbang)JPN N/Asold
Brave It Out [CD+DVD Limited Pressing] (~Generations)JPN N/Asold
Days Of Dash (Sakuraso No Pet Na Kanojo Outro Theme) (~Konomi Suzuki)JPN US$ 13.901w
If You Want (~J-min)JPN US$ 9.901w
Inside Identity (Chunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai Outro Theme) (~Black Raison D'etre)JPN US$ 17.991w
Live Tour 2012 Chain At Tokyo Dome (~Kat-tun)JPN US$ 49.901w
Timeless - Future [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Cross Gene)JPN N/Asold
Trf 20th Anniversary Complete Single Best [3CD+DVD] (~Trf)JPN US$ 28.901w
V.I.P (~Sid)JPN US$ 11.901w
V.I.P [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Sid)JPN US$ 18.901w
V.I.P [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~Sid)JPN US$ 18.901w
V.I.P [Limited Pressing Anime Edition] (~Sid)JPN US$ 15.901w


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