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Coffee Talk Original Game Soundtrack

Audio CD
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  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1:
1. Sunset in the City
2. A Day With Coffee
3. Tenderhearted
4. Lonely Space
5. Calming Drizzle
6. Cup of Sweetness
7. Little Sway
8. Moon Bright
9. Hot On Cold
10. Silent Rains
11. Sleepless Mind
12. The Way I See (ボーナストラック)

Disc 2:
1. Come Closer
2. It Smells Good
3. Stay Awake
4. Start It Over
5. Dimmed Alley
6. Onto The Bridge
7. Thousand Years
8. One More Time
9. Lay Low
10. The Last Time
11. Gleefully
12. Dance In The Shower (ボーナストラック)


Joe Hisaishi, Ryuichi Sakamoto Nujabes Line's tear gland collapse melody is inevitable!

LO-FI Hip-hop and lounge music super high content game soundtrack is a long-awaited CD. "Jazzy code, hip-hop beat, the record Pachinoizu, chill mind and heart, it becomes the music of the" coffee talk "only in it. It calms your mind, relax, and more than anything you should feel the warmth of your heart.

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