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Collector's Club: Kirby Statue: Fighter Kirby

Kirby Statue: Fighter Kirby 
Manufacturer:  First4Figures |  Expected to ship: Q4, 2017
Pre-order deadline: May 08, 2017 (GMT+8)

Kirby Statue: Fighter Kirby (US)US$ 249.99 pre


Riding on a shooting star is the little pink puffball and protagonist of one of Nintendo's longest running and beloved series, the hero of Dream Land, Kirby! Created by Masahiro Sakurai (who's also well known as the director of the Super Smash Bros. Series), Kirby originally debuted on the Game Boy in 1992. The game itself was designed as an easily accessible platformer and with it's unique and adorable aesthetic the series has become a big fan favorite among Nintendo's franchises.

Kirby is known for several things, being pink, sucking in air to inflate himself to float around, and sucking up enemies to copy their powers! This new statue from First 4 Figures is all about that last part as it depicts Kirby after absorbing enemies with a knack for fighting! First appearing in Kirby Super Star, Kirby gains the skills of a martial artist and boxer, as well as a cool headband after he absorbs the enemies ability. HE CAN EVEN FIRE ENERGY BEAMS!!

The statue itself is based on Fighter Kirby's look from Kirby's Return to Dream Land and shows him performing a kick attack. Fans of the Smash Bros. series would recognize this as his Foward Smash attack. The statue even has the kick effect that lights up giving the statue a feeling of forward
motion, as if he's really attacking. Of course, as it is a Kirby figure, if you look carefully you'll see his body is a perfect sphere. The body of the status stand atop of beautiful stand as well. The statue stands at 330mm (roughly 13 inches), weighs 3.4kg (roughly 7.5lbs), and is made of polystone. It'll come in a deluxe full-color packaging and base will be numbered by hand.

This is the third Kirby series statue from First 4 Figures, and whether or not you've collected the previous two this will still be a wonderful gem to add to your collection. The status is planned to be released in the last quarter of the year but pre-orders are only available until May 8th. It's highly recommended to pre-order as there are no guarantees there will be stock available after it's released.

Kirby Statue: Fighter Kirby (US)US$ 249.99 pre

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