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Collector's Club: ThreeZero Berserk Skull Knight & Black Swordsman Guts

Release: May 31, 2017 | Pre-Order Deadline: October 25, 2016

With the ever growing popularity of Kentaro Muira's Berserk, especially with the recent Anime and upcoming Musuo style game (which looks amazing btw), it's only natural to expect a slew of merchandise during this momentum. To Berserk fans who have been content starved for years, having all this is indeed a boon - and when you have the entrance of a Skull Knight Three Zero figure - in any case, whenever he shows up, we know that the advent is coming ;_;

Already rare in appearance in the manga, this amazing representation of the mythical Skull Knight is just as elusive as the history of this IRL toy releases - aka they do not exist. So to have Three Zero, already known in the industry for their consistent quality to make a Skull Knight 1/6th Scale fully articulate figure is like opening a void into another dimension like the Sword of Thorns as seen in this exciting sculpt.

Aside from being completely poseable, Skull Knight comes with details that collectors expect: a fully metallic hand painted finish reflecting the centuries of tear from being the watcher of events in the world of Berserk, his rose shield that acts as a scabbard, a wired cape for recreating all the dramatic moments, and finally, LED eyes that accentuate his
skeletal fury.

Now if they only made a Nosferatu Zodd figure... now that would be a collection to go berserk for hehe.

Berserk 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Skull Knight (JPN)  sold

Release: May 31, 2017 | Pre-Order Deadline: October 25, 2016

As huge fans of Kentaro Miura's Dark Fantasy Epic Berserk, we'd be lying if we didn't say we're extremely biased with excitement for this splendid 1/6th Scale Action Figure of the main character, Guts. By Threezero, this 32cm tall fully articulate sculpt shows the Black Swordsman in all his somber yet destructive glory, and we dare say is the most intricately detailed rendition of Guts yet, torn from the pages of manga itself!

The most incredible aspect of Guts are seen in his seamless elbow joints - the tense physicality of a man who's literally seen it all to drive someone berserk is captured with extreme respect to the source material; when brandishing the fearful Dragonslayer sword, the bane of demons and apostles, this extra touch by ThreeZero really brings the figure to life.

As well, all further minutiae and accouterments that complete Gut's ensemble are presented with the utmost care; the materials for his outfit are tailored to the smallest detail, such as the bloodied bandages around his good hand, the leather belts and straps, a cloth cloak with a poseable wired stitch, and weathered armor parts just as Miura-Sensei intended.

In terms of weaponry, aside from the aforementioned Dragonslayer, Guts also comes with five throwing knives, a dagger with hilt also wrapped in cloth, and two version of his automatic winch crossbow, one deployed and one stowed away which can both be attached to his prosthetic arm. Speaking of the latter, this arm also has a signature detail; the hand part can even be flipped opened to reveal a cannon! 

Finally, to complete this figure, Guts also comes with four different interchangeable hand parts including a fist, an open hand, a hand for holding his sword and a hand to hold the crossbow handle. He also comes with two head parts to choose from - his stoic and grim standard expression and a berserk expression for whenever he finds Griffith again...

Again, this impressive figure of Guts by Threezero is the best we've ever seen, and it's perfect for any Berserk fan as they wait for the continuation of the Elf Island Arc for this masterpiece of a manga! Now if only the Berserker Armor get's announced - we'll wait - patience is a common virtue for the Berserk fan...

Berserk 1/6 Scale Action Figure: Guts (Black Swordsman) (Re-run) (JPN)  sold

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