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Company of Heroes 2 - Troops, Prepare to Pre-Order!

Long awaited and highly anticipated - Company of Heroes 2 is finally available for Pre-Order! Mobilize and March On!

COMPANY OF HEROES 2 - Release Date: June 25th 2013

PC [Historical Real Time Strategy]

The sequel to the highest rated strategy game of all time returns with hopes of completely invigorating the theater of war once again. Continuing from the universally acclaimed original, Company of Heroes 2 faithfully attempts to capture the essence of the Eastern Front in World War II in brutal detail; from scorched earth to the frozen tundra, carefully maneuver troops and battalions onwards to victory in one of History's most heated conflicts between two notorious ideologies. 

Debuting in Company of Heroes 2 is the unrivaled power of the cutting edge Essence 3.0 Engine. With it's advanced ability to harness and control 2 new unprecedented features: the TrueSight system where line of sight for troops actually plays a part in gameplay, and the ColdTech dynamic weather system wherein weather furthers the realism of warfare by affecting troop movement and health, strategically, there is no other contemporary RTS with such realism and depth. 

Featuring the intense memorable competitive and Co-operative multiplayer from the original game, as well as new customizable Commander Abilites that turn the tides of conflict, prepare to experience the pinnacle of tactical warfare and more in Company of Heroes 2. 

Pre-Order Bonus Contents:

  • Pre-Orders will get confirmed Beta Accessibilty & the Heavy Weight Pattern Bundle! First come, first serve!
  • ‘Theatre of War’ Mini Pack: Single Player/Co-op Mission set available post launch
  • Vehicle Skin Pack: Customise the look of Multiplayer vehicles: Soviet Voronezh Vehicle Skin and the German Winter Ambush Vehicle Skin
  • Two new Multiplayer Commanders: The German army will receive the Joint Operations Doctrine, specializing in precise artillery strikes and the Offensive Spearhead Doctrine for players who want to use heavy armor and airstrikes to crush their opponent; The Soviets will unlock the devastating Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine, enabling units like flamethrower tanks and the Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine which allows for rapid reinforcement in the heat of battle!

Red Star Edition Contents:

  • Steel Book Packaging Exclusive Steel Book Packaging
  • ‘Theatre of War’ Mini Pack Single Player/Co-op Mission set available post launch
  • Vehicle Skin Combo Pack Unlock 24 historically-accurate new skins for the game’s multiplayer mode
  • Commanders Archetypes Soviet Commanders Anti-Infantry Tactics, Conscripts Support Tactics, Terror Tactics; German Commanders Joint Operations Doctrine, Spearhead Doctrine
  • Commander Pass Unlock another 5 Multiplayer commanders post launch
  • Company of Heroes Complete Pack The Highly Awarded game collection that started it all - includes the original Company of Heroes a well as its expansions Opposing Fronts & Tales of Valor
  • Exclusive Faceplate & integrated badge Customise your in-game faceplate
Company of Heroes 2 (Steam)
Company of Heroes 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIA
Company of Heroes 2 (Red Star Edition) (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 62.99


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